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Wunderlich-Malec, employee owned and customer committed, is among the largest design, integration, and also fabrication companies in the United States. We sell a full suite of design solutions and continuously invest in today's quickly changing innovation.

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Wunderlich-Malec, employee owned and customer committed, is just one of the biggest design, integration, and also fabrication carriers in the United States. We offer a full suite of engineering solutions and repetitively invest in today’s rapidly changing modern technology. Our team of empowered specialists has actually the knowledge and also endure forced to design and engineer options to satisfy your demanding business needs. Think design, think Wunderlich-Malec.

Documents Collection / Bar Code Piping and also Instrumentation Diagrams Validation & Compliance Electrical / Control Panel Deauthorize Batch Processing Energy Management / Optimization Machine & Process Safety Commissioning and also Start-up Automatic Identification & Bar Code Discrete Control Project Management File Archiving Electronic Operator Interchallenge Configuration Process Simulation Modeling and also Analysis Motion Control Building alwaei.com PC-Based Control Reporting PLC Programming Hydraulic / Pneumatic Control Training Instrumentation / Calibration Vision Systems Consulting Electro-Mechanical Control Quality Indevelopment Management Solution CADVERTISEMENT Drafting and also Design Process Control Security Assessment Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) HMI / SCADA Configuration & Programming Robotics Panel Builders & Panel Shops
Pulp and Paper Manufacturing Commercial / Institutional Food and Beverage Water / Wastewater Treatment Metals Foremainder & Wood Products Automotive Chemical Gas and also Oil Plastics Packaging Material Handling Mining Aerospace Microelectronic devices / Semiconductor Pharmaceutical Defense/Military Web Handling Petro-Chemical Power Plants / Utilities Government Medical BioTech Electronic

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