Electron beam welding (EBW) is a blend welding procedure that offers a high-velocity electron beam to sign up with 2 materials together, with a wide selection of applications in many kind of markets.

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Characteristics of electron beam welds include:

Deep penetrationHigh depth-to-width ratioInert setting (vacuum)Low distortionNarrow fusion zoneNear parent metal strength

You have the right to see our full selection of electron beam welding systems on our webwebsite – consisting of our revolutionary Ebcirculation technology.

If you are not sure which system is ideal for your application, please obtain in touch! Our makers are built-to-order and produced at our Cambridge Headquarters. With 60-years of process know-how in giving turn-vital services, we have the right to discover the ideal solution for your application.



Laser beam welding (LW) is a welding procedure that supplies a high-power thickness laser beam to join two materials together, creating a deep, narrowhead weld.

Characteristics of laser welds include:

Deep, narrow weldExcellent mechanical propertiesHigh rate, high productivityLow distortionMinimal post-weld machiningSuitable for thin area materials

You can watch our complete array of laser welding systems on our webwebsite – including our revolutionary Ebflow Light technology.

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If you are not certain which mechanism is appropriate for your application, please get in touch! Our machines are built-to-order and produced at our Cambridge Headquarters. With 60-years of process know-how in giving turn-crucial solutions, we can discover the appropriate solution for your application.



In the aerospace sector, electron beam welding can create welds in a broad array of materials consisting of titanium alloys, aluminium alloys, heat-resisting and also high-stamina alloys and also deserve to be efficiently used to high instrumental components, ensuring that stringent security demands are met.


In the automotive market, electron beam welding has many type of applications; from turbochargers to gears and convertors to shunt resistors in typical fuel, hybrid, and also electric vehicles. CVE have the right to carry out consistent spilgrimage welding devices for EV batteries, and turbocharger welders.


All offshore wind structures need high productivity welding fabrication and reputable performance. There is a selection of structures that should be fabricated as component of an offshore wind turbine, consisting of monopiles, suction anchors, and flanges – and CVE can administer welding devices to accomplish this.


Tright here are many kind of applications for electron beam welding in the nuclear industry, including push vessels for standard power, tiny modular reactor (SMR) and micro modular reactor (MMR) fabrication, as well as linked pressure retaining and also structural components.


The electron beam welding process has actually a low warmth input, the form of the fusion zone have the right to be optimised and also the procedure is done in a vacuum, which prevents oxidation, minimising the hazard of damages to sensitive electronics.

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