Uta electrical engineering advising

alwaei.com 242 NH 817-272-1294


Charles Chuong, Undergraduate Faculty Advisor chuong

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243 ERB 817-272-6250
Graduate Student Advising in Bioengineering

Civil Engineering

Jamie Thompchild, Undergraduate Advisor (Arch Eng) jthomps
420 NH 817-272-3761
Bijan Shapoorian, Undergraduate Advisor (Construction Mgmt) bijan.shapoorian
401 NH 817-272-7590
Graduate Student Advising in Civil Engineering

Computer Science & Engineering

Linda Barasch, Undergrad Faculty Advisor cseugadvising
622 ERB 817-272-3603
Graduate Student Advising in Computer Science and also Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Pauline Mason, Undergraduate Academic Advisor pmason
504 NH 817-272-1756
Graduate Student Advising in Electrical Engineering

Industrial, Manufacturing & Systems Engineering

Eric Etheridge, Undergraduate Advisor eric.etheridge

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325K WH 817-272-6228
Graduate Student Advising in Industrial, Manufacturing, and also Systems Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering

Graduate Student Advising in Materials Science and also Engineering

Mechanical and also Aeroroom Engineering

Miguel Amaya, ME Undergraduate Faculty Advisor (A - K) mamaya
204 WH 817-272-2561
Graduate Student Advising in Mechanical and also Aeroroom Engineering

University Advising Center - Freshman Advising

Ryan Davis, AE, ME ryan.davis
105GRH 817-272-3140
Karla Garcia,Arch Eng, CE, Const Mgmt, IE, EE, BE, Undeclared karla.garcia

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