With $8.6 million in brand-new funding for research tasks in 2020, faculty members in the Department of Mining Engineering are at the forefront of next-generation mining modern technology and also applications. Thunstable funding from the UNITED STATE Department of Energy, the Alpha Foundation and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, researchers are making advances in rare earth element recoincredibly, autonomous underground mining devices that boost safety and security and mitigating damages from underground coal mine explosions.

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$65,549Mean starting salary (NACE Spring 2017)


$18.00Median hourly co-op salary (2016-2017)

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UK to Partner via MP Materials on Department of Energy Award

The job seeks to extract rare earths from fossil fuel waste streams to diversify the supply base and administer economic opportunity for depressed areas. 


Doug Kreis Named Director of Kentucky Transportation Center

KTC welcomed Doug Kreis as its brand-new Director on July 1, 2021. He succeeds Joseph Crabtree, who retired after serving as the Center’s Director since 2010.

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Spring 2021 Dean's List Includes 960 Engineering Students

To make a Dean’s List, a student should earn a grade-allude average of 3.6 or better and also need to have actually earned 12 credits or more in that semester, excluding credits earned in pass-fail classes. 

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Department Spotlights


Caroline Gerwig

When Caroline Gerwig uncovered that UK not just supplies a level in mining engineering, yet also the option to minor in dance, she was interested. But UK"s scholarship supplies closed the deal.

Diversity and Inclusion Mining Engineering



Abby Styer

As a high school senior, a University of Kentucky College of Engineering workshop transformed the course of Abby Styer"s life. Now, the mining design junior loves wearing a tough hat and also blowing stuff up. 

Mining Engineering


Fadi Qutaish

If you had asked Fadi Qutaish (BSMNG ’12) 10 years ago wbelow he would be today, he never before would have actually guessed functioning as a mine engineer in the United States.

Mining Engineering


Department of Mining Engineering

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