University Of Illinois At Chicago Mechanical Engineering


How Much Student Debt Do ME Graduates from UIC Have?

Student Debt of ME Graduates with a Bachelor"s Degree

While acquiring their bachelor"s level at UIC, ME students borrow a median amount of $19,000 in student loans. This is not too poor given that the median debt load of all ME bachelor"s degree recipients across the nation is $23,500.

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The typical student loan payment of a bachelor"s degree student from the ME regime at UIC is $197 per month.

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UIC ME Students

Take a look at the following statistics regarded the make-up of the ME majors at University of Illinois at Chicback.

The following table and also chart show the ethnic background for students who newly graduated from University of Illinois at Chicago via a bachelor"s in ME.

Ethnic BackgroundNumber of StudentsAsian28Black or Afrideserve to American7Hispanic or Latino37White68Non-Resident Aliens9Other Races12