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UNIVERSAL WELDING, 14614 Tribute Way, Bakersfield, CA (Owned by: Ruben Espinosa) holds a General Building Contractor, Welding license according to the The golden state license board.

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Their alwaei.com score of 93 ranks in the optimal 27% of 336,931 California licensed builders.

Their license was showed as energetic once we last checked. If you are thinking of hiring UNIVERSAL WELDING, we recommfinish double-checking their license condition with the license board and using our bidding device to gain competitive quotes.

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We recommend acquiring multiple quotes for any building project.Our complimentary bidding mechanism will obtain you quotes from UNIVERSAL WELDING and also 2 various other peak builders.
License #958547
TypeGeneral Building Contractor, Welding
Company TypeSole Ownership

In The golden state, any kind of remodeling or construction project that exceeds $500 (labor and materials), requires a contractor to have actually an energetic license through the The golden state Contractor State License Board (CSLB).

Universal Welding currently holds license 958547 (General Building Contractor, Welding), which was Active as soon as we last checked.

The CSLB is just one of the highest rated licensing boards in the US. Applicants are required to pass a written board exam and also prove at least 4 years of prior, relevant work-related experience. In enhancement, the CSLB calls for all license holders to keep at leastern $2,500 in operating funding and also provides you via a range of various other customer protections.

Contractors in The golden state are required to bring workers" compensation insurance if they have employees and also proof of licapability insurance through the cumulative limit of $1 million for licensees with five or fewer persons, and a second 100,000 for each extra member over 5, not to exceed $5 million complete.

All licensed builders in The golden state are required to preserve a bond, which gives you with financial recourse in instance they perdevelop defective work-related or violate license regulations. If you feel as though you have actually been taken advantage of, you should leave feedback on the contractor"s alwaei.com profile and also file a complaint with the CSLB.

Universal Welding has actually a $15,000 bond with State National Insurance Company type of Inc.

California building contractors are compelled to submit their fingerprints to the board, which are then checked against criminal records hosted by the The golden state Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) before obtaining a valid contracting license.

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The alwaei.com score is based upon a number of determinants including the contractor"s license standing, insurance status, verified job-related background, standing through neighborhood consumer interest groups, proved reviews from other alwaei.com customers and self-reported feedback from the contractor.

When it comes to major building job-related or even minor alterations to your residence, hiring the wrong contractor could cause infinish or defective occupational. You may even discover yourself managing huge licapability clintends. alwaei.com does the homework for you and also helps you hire the appropriate contractor.

The The golden state State License Board recommends obtaining at least 3 written bids prior to hiring a contractor. Do not instantly accept the lowest bid - an abtypically low bid might suggest the contractor made a mistake and is not including the exact same occupational quoted by their rivals. We"ve made the bid collection process very straightforward (and free). Just click here to gain began.

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