Eincredibly time you capture a round, ride a bike, or lift a bag, you are making use of physics to make predictions without realizing it.

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For example, you predict wbelow obstacles will be at later on ti
mes. You estimate how a lot pressure it will take to move an item. You proccasion objects from rolling ameans or tipping over.

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Mechanics is the branch of physics that deals with the impacts of forces and energy in a offered case. In this unit, you will learn many amazing facts about forces, activity, and also power. (Prlure Hall Conceptual Physics-Paul Hewitt)

Lectures and also Notes:

Syllabus (Conceptual Physics)Safety ContractCUSD Student HandbookChapter 1 Student Notes (About Physics)Chapter 2 Student Notes (Mechanical Equilibrium)Chapter 3 Student Notes (Newton’s First Law)Chapter 4 Student Notes (Liclose to Motion)Chapter 1 PowerPoint Lecture (About Physics)Chapter 2 PowerPoint Lecture (Mechanical Equilibrium)Chapter 3 PowerPoint Lecture (Newton’s First Law)Chapter 4 PowerPoint Lecture (Liclose to Motion)Practice Quiz: Chapter 1 & 2Practice Quiz: Chapter 3Practice Quiz: Chapter 4


Worksheet: Chapter 1 & 2 ReviewWorksheet: Chapter 2 Equation ReviewWorksheet: Linear Motion Word ProblemsWorksheet: Practice Quiz-Linear MotionWorksheet: Free Fall Word ProblemsWorksheet: Practice Quiz-Free FallWorksheet: Chapter 1 Defining TermsWorksheet: Chapter 2 Defining TermsWorksheet: Chapter 3 Defining TermsWorksheet: Chapter 4 Defining Terms

Labs and also Classroom Activities:

Lab: The “Black Box”Lab: Evidence vs. InferenceLab: How is a Controlled Experiment Performed?Lab: Dominoes and also VelocityLab: Introduction to ForcesLab: Newton’s First LawLab: Frictional ForcesLab: Motion and also ForcesLab: Free Fall and Air ResistanceLab: Reaction Time

Textbook Resources:

Conceptual Physics Paul HewittHewitt Drew-it


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