Ultegra Di2 Vs Dura Ace Mechanical

Am putting a brand-new bike together and moving over to disc brakes. For various reasons I want to go with a Shimano 11 speed groupset however am struggling to decide whether to go via Dura Ace mechanical or Ultegra Di2.

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Both are about the same price at the moment. I’m sort of leaning in the direction of Dura Ace because I’ve never before offered an digital groupcollection so won’t be absent anything. On the other hand also it’s going to be an less complicated build with Di2.

Still early days as I haven’t chosen a frameset yet… that’ll be my next question


Di2 eexceptionally time. A warning though, if you have actually mechanical road teams on various other bikes it will leave you wanting to switch those to Di2 also.


Mech vs. Di2 is a different issue. If money isn’t a problem, Ultegra Di2. If you are keeping costs down, go mech.

Ultegra di2 all day. I’m surprised they still market Dura Ace mechanical, it’s a rare sight on the road these days.

I upgraded to Di2 freshly. Il’l never before go earlier to mechanical. The shifting is unbelievably excellent. I wish I did it a lot previously than I did.

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Mechanical is occasionally better - a rider in a neighborhood team ride was stuck in the little ring for the totality duration of the ride as he forgot to charge is Di2.

Anyone who isn’t going to charge the battery is more than likely the sort of person that forgets to rearea their transition cables and doesn’t on a regular basis tune their drive train.

I’ve been on at least a handful of rides wbelow a rear shift cable has actually frayed or snapped and they are left through 2 gears (common concern on shimano right at the hood) . I’ve been on countless rides wright here world have nagging changing problems because they have dirty cables or just require adjustment. I’ve never before been on a ride wbelow someone’s battery has actually passed away.

I’ll agree that there are instances where mechanical is much better, but I’d argue that opportunities are a lot higher to have a difficulty via mechanical compared to electronic. I’ve Di2 it on my 2 main road bikes for 5+ years and also not a single problem and also no must relocation housings and also cables eextremely 6-12 months. You don’t also must change it, it just shifts perfect eexceptionally time. I still have bikes with mechanical and it works fine when it’s correctly tuned and preserved, however digital is so a lot much better for me.

mcalista July 4, 2020, 2:22am #10

Anyone who isn’t going to charge the battery is more than likely the kind of perchild that forgets to replace their change cables and doesn’t frequently tune their drive train.


I uncover the ideal use of the little di2 wireless unit is that it reports battery status to my head unit. When it gets down to 20%, I charge the di2 battery.