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November 27th

November 27th

November 27th

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November 7th

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October 1st

Exam 1 and also Progress Report

HiTT and Homework-related Update

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December 14th

Final Grades

Final qualities are now posted on canvas. Go to "grades" and also you must view it in the peak ideal corner.The grades are based upon the Total Final Score. The grades displayed are the qualities you will be assigned in ISIS. The quiz total was put up yesterday, and it includes a small adjustment to some sections to ensure equity between the different sections.The exam 3 totals are also shown. Mistakes (ours!) have the right to still be corrected.The scores on the last were blended, with some terrific (7 perfect scores) and also some not so good. You have the right to see the answers under Exam Solutions on the left food selection.Some statistics on the course: Nine students completed totals of over 100% (which is heartening to see also if it ismathematically disturbing). Congratulations to them!The median grade was a "B". Have a great holiday season!

December 9th

Final Exam Coming Soon I am happy to say that WileyPlus have delayed their maintenance to Saturday NIGHT (when we will certainly ALL be sleeping).....The last contributions from Homework (out of 5) and also H-iTT (out of 5) are now obtainable on Canvas. Please do not mean the final examresults to be tright here prior to Wednesday.

December 9th

Final Exam Coming Soon We are sorry that tbelow have actually been glitches newly with the WileyPlus connection, though luckily they have been shortlived.WileyPlus have actually announced regimen maintenance in the time of the night (starting 2 a.m. on the day of the exam). This is another reasonyou need to aim for a great night"s remainder prior to the last, fairly than trying to work all night.....Please note that it will be a cold night tonight, and the suffer is that many rooms can still be cold at 7.30 a.m. Please dress appropriately!

December 6th

Final Exam Formulae As usual you can view a pevaluation of the formula sheets by going onto canvas -> quizzes and looking at the initially Example Exam #3 (Spring 15). It has actually the sheets from the initially 2 exams with a 3rd one added.

November 27th

Final Exam Review Prof. Yelton will certainly perform a review/assist session on Tuesday, 12/6, at 7.10 p.m. (tright here is someone in the room beforehand, hence the odd time), in NPB 1001.Please come all set with questions. In addition the Broward Teaching Center are putting on a evaluation of our class material on Thursday at 6 p.m. in CSE E222.

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Final Exam Rooms Here are the room assignments for the final - as usual by initially letter of last name.A-E NPB 1001 (wbelow we have class) F-H TUR L005 (Turlington)I-P NRN 137 (Normale Hall)Q-T TUR L007U-Z TUR L011Please remember it will certainly still be dark as soon as you make your way to the room. I apologize to those inNormale Hall, which is throughout 13th St from the primary campus. Please collection your alarms accordingly!

Final Exam This is a reminder that the last exam is on Saturday, 10th December at 7.30 a.m. Yes, that is IN THE MORNING! You can be assured that your professors did not select this time - the registrar assigns it. The final will comprise 20 inquiries and also will be the exact same format as your other 2 exams. It is two hrs long (10 minutes longer than exams 1 and also 2). There will be 12 questions on Chapters 13-17, and a further 8 inquiries based on previous occupational. The finest method to review for the 8 inquiries is to look at the services for Exams 1 and 2 (view "Exam Solutions" on the food selection on the left). The 8 concerns on the final will certainly be based upon these exams - the concerns will not be the same, however will test the expertise of the exact same concepts.

Make-Up Exam We have contacted (by e-mail) those that have already been signed up for a make-up exam according to our plans (watch "Grading Policy" on the food selection on left). If you feel that you are entitbrought about take a make-up exam and did not receive an e-mail in the last few days, please sfinish mail to phy2048
alwaei.com detailing your case.

Homework-related 14 Tbelow is a NON GRADED Homework-related due Saturday, Nov. 26. This homejob-related is on Chapter 15-Oscillations. Tright here will certainly be no quiz on this homework. One out of the 10 troubles in this homework will be used on the final exam. Quiz 10 (Nov.28-30) will be on Homeoccupational 13 (Chapter 14-Fluids).

Happy Thanksgiving!

Exam 2 scores posted Exam 2 scores are posted. They INCLUDE an upwards revision bereason so many kind of world misunderstood a question or 2. Overall, we were disappointed, though some world did very well, and after the upwards revision tright here were a dozen "20/20". Congratulations to all that derived a high score!

Please look at the options (button on left). Remember that some of the topics that we feel are very important will certainly reappear on the final (which is cumulative, yet through the end chapters stressed).Also in the gradebook at posted projected qualities on quizzes (based upon quizzes 2-7), homeworks (based on 2-11), H-iTT (based upon all H-iTT points). Tbelow are still people who obtain 0 H-iTT points because they did not register their remotes. If they perform not execute so soon, they will not obtain ANY H-iTT points!Although the projected grades have actually many type of good scores (through numerous still over 100%), I am certain tright here are some who are worried if they will acquire a "C" or not, and also this is important to continue to the following semester. Aacquire I stress looking at the remedies of the exams to work-related out what was not completely understood, and to look ago at their lecture notes and watch was missed. We really want everybody to perdevelop well and also the professors and teaching assistants are here to help!

Exam 2, added office hours Sunil Thapa has volunteered to have extra office hrs tomorrow (i.e. Tuesday), the day of the exam.It is from 2 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. Sunil"s office is NPB 2109.

Exam 2 This is a reminder that the exam tomorrow (Tuesday, October 8th), starts at 8.20 p.m. and ends at 10.10 p.m. Please make sure you understand wbelow to go (room assignments below).

Formula Sheet

This is a reminder that there will be a formula sheet offered through the exam, and also no further formula sheet is allowed.To gain a preview of the formulae given, go right into the canvas page, click on quizzes on the left, and look at the initially Example Exam 2 (Spring 2015). It hasthe two-page formulae (the one for the initially test and also the brand-new ones for the second test) and also likewise a table ofrotational inertia.If you uncover any kind of mistakes in these concerns (or solutions) please execute not hesitate to let us understand. They are genuine exams from previous semesters that have been translated to canvas format so that you deserve to exercise. The services are made available after submitting.

Room Asignments and also Review

Exam 2 is on Tuesday, November 8th (election night). Here are the room assignments.We have actually split the class according to the first letter(s) of your LAST name, thus: A - L CAR 0100 (Carlton Auditorium) M - R TUR L007 (Turlington) S - Z NPB 1001 (Where our lectures are)

On Sunday, November sixth, Prof. Yelton will certainly organize a review/aid session, in NPB 1001, at 7 p.m.Please come ready through concerns to ask or topic you would prefer reperceived.

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Office Hours

Prof. Yelton is now in Japan visiting his experiment (if you are interested in what it is, right here is the homepagehttps://www.belle2.org/)He will certainly not be in his office the remainder of this week and following. He will be back on October 2first.

Office Hours

Please note that tbelow is a Homework due this Saturday at 10 pm.In see of the upcoming Homecoming day, Sunil Thapa will certainly offer his office hours this Thursday (Oct. 13) from 11:45-12:30 pm instead of his constant time on Friday.

Hurricane Matthew

As you all understand, tbelow are no classes October 7th. We thus need to make some slight changes to the timetable.Homeoccupational Assignment 7 is still due on Saturday (October 8th). Questions 1-5 have to be no problem for you. However before, the materialfor concerns 6-10 has actually not been completely extended in class. Therefore, we will grade all students as "correct" for Q6-10. We carry out encourage you to look at this product making use of the textbook and various other resources and to execute the concerns anymethod. The following quiz (Quiz 5, Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday 10-12 October) will certainly bebased on the material of inquiries 1-5. The complying with quiz (Quiz 6) may encompass the material in HW inquiries 6-10, in addition to the material extended in Homejob-related Assignment 8.We"ll need to make some adjustments to the lecture schedule, however barring additionally troubles, we will be on targain to cover chapters 7-12 on exam 2 on 11/8 as originally planned.In the meantime, execute several studying however remain safe as the storm passes through!

Research for note-taker

We have actually been asked to discover a note-taker for the course, for a student registered via the Disabilities Reresource Center. Tright here will certainly be a some financial reward. If interested, please send a message to phy2048

Exam 1 Scores in Canvas

The exam 1 score (out of 20) is dubbed "Exam 1 Score" in canvas. The average was cshed to 12 (the mode was likewise 12); there were some extremely excellent scores yet rather more single-digit scores than we hoped for. To look at the exam, look at Exam Solutions on the left menu. Tright here is the grasp exam (initially answer is correct) and also a record of the solutions through some comments on the individual inquiries. Please check out these closely prior to asking for a personal examination into your grade - scantrons don"t make mistakes (all human being do).Also in the gradebook are 4 projected grades (they are re-titled from the announcement listed below for much better clarity). The projected HITT grade is the amount of additional credit (max 5) you are on course for. Likewise for homework (based upon HWs 2-5), Quizzes (based upon Q2-3), and exams (based on Exam 1). Keep in mind that tright here are expensive fluctuations based on one negative performance, which will certainly also out via time. Also if a score is absent (bereason a quiz will be made-up or has actually not made it to the gradebook) it will offer zero contribution. Likewise HITT if the remote was not registered as soon as we took the snapswarm.Keep in mind that these projections are not updated in genuine time. It"s many occupational to perform and also we will certainly update eextremely few weeks. For circumstances, if a remote is registered prior to the minute the scores are taken from the HITT system,the score on the next upday will certainly reflect the scores from the beginning (but not prior to then).The last projection is the sum of the 4 components, and gives a number (in principle a portion, however in truth because of the additional credit out of 105 - numerous human being are over 100%). Looking at the grading scale on the syllabus provides the letter grade that this corresponds to. To put these numbers in conmessage, about 100 (out of approximately 600) students are on track for an A, and 30-40 more are on track for an A-. Tbelow are quite also many world via roughly 50%, however that can easily be cured with much better quiz and exam scores and we completely suppose that to take place.

HiTT and also Homejob-related points in canvas

Periodically, we will update the canvas web page via your HiTT and Homeoccupational cumulative scores. There are three HITT columns tright here in the gradebook."HITT corrected" "Raw Points" and also "Max Points". Max points is the maximum variety of points obtainable (best currently this is 14 for the 10.40 course and 16 for 11.45 class). "Raw points" is exactly how many kind of you have actually (1 for an incorrect answer, 2 for a correct one). "HiTT corrected" takes these numbers and also calculates the total added credit (out of 5) that you will certainly get if you continue via your current success rate. It takes right into account the "forgiveness" variable, so many world have actually the maximum 5 (you are not allowed even more than 5).The points are valid as of Thursday (9-22). If you acquired zero, the chances are you have actually not yet registered your clicker through the course. Do so! If you register now, your score will be updated the following time we do an upfill.For the homework, tbelow are 2 columns. One is HW points which is taken directly from WileyPlus (as of currently, it is out of 40 as thereare 4 homeworks that count, as HW1 does not count. The HW grade is the amount after "forgiveness" that contributes to your last grade if you continue at the very same success price as now. All these are designed to make certain that you understand what grade you are on track for. These will also be uploaded periodically.

Rewatch for Exam 1

Tbelow will be a evaluation for Exam 1 at 7 p.m. on Sunday, 2fifth September in room NPB 1001. Prof. Yelton will be thereto carry out a lightning evaluation of vital points and to answer concerns. It works best if you come through particular topics for whichyou feelyour knowledge is doing not have, and also he will concentprice on those.

Exam 1 Rooms

Unfortunately, our first exam (MONDAY EVENING 2sixth September at 8.20 p.m.) is spcheck out out almost everywhere main campus in salso different rooms.We have split the class according to the initially letter(s) of your LAST name, thus:A - COLL PUGH 170 (Pugh Hall) CON - GORM FLI 005 (Flint Hall) GRA - LEW WM 100 (Williamson Hall) LI - NAZ LIT 0101 (Little Hall) ND - R LIT 0109 (Little Hall) SAB - SYE MCCA G 186 (McCarty A) T - Z WEIL 270 (Weil Hall) Here is a map that highlights in red the structures, all of which are in main campus:We remind you that the exams are taken via No formula sheet except the one provided. To watch a sample formula sheet, go into canvas for the course, select "quizzes" and execute the instance Test 1. These two examples are real old exams (converted into canvas format - if you watch misabsorbs the conversion let us know), and you can take them under exam conditions for exercise. Once you submit, you will certainly get the options. Scratch paper will be offered Calculators are permitted (need to have actually sin and cos, graphing calculators are OK, yet not cell-phone calculators!) The exams will be 1:50 hrs long

Storm Hermine - Office Hours

Although UF is officially closed this day, Prof. Yelton is at work and in his office for his continual hours, Friday, September 2nd.

Storm Hermine

As you recognize, classes have actually been canceled September second. We will certainly make little adjustments to the lecture schedule, however at the momentwe see no factor to readjust any of the due dates for homework or quizzes. Have a great weekend and also stay safe!

Office Hourse Change

Tright here has been an adjustment to the office hrs. Sunil Thapa will be available F 6-7 durations (by well-known request!)The office revised hour schedule have the right to be seenhere

First Week Discussion

Discussion sections will fulfill this initially week of class M-W for initial orientation to the course.You have the right to find the list of sections, room numbers, and also discussion leaders right here.The first lecture is on Monday 22nd August at 10:40 and also 11:45 depending upon your area.

Initial Announcments This opening web page will have all current announcements---please makecertain to booknote it. Check this web page periodically, particularly if youhappen to miss a lecture. The collection of the web links in the left barconstitutes the syllabus for the course.You can buy the hardcopy textbook at the UF bookstore. You need to obtain a copy that has a "WileyPlus" code for the homejob-related contained.If you acquire a second-hand also copy, it will certainly not in basic have actually a valid code.If you try to simply produce an account from within Wiley, you many likely will certainly pay complete price...Alternatively, you deserve to purchase the virtual version of the textbook through the WileyPlus homejob-related code included. Please use this unique attach so that you acquire the UF discount price of $40:http://www.wiley.com/WileyCDA/Section/id-822622.html Here are a couple of upcoming necessary events and also deadlines to note:Class start: Monday, August 22ndH-ITT counts: Wednesday, 3first Exam 1: Monday, September 2sixth, 8:20 p.m.Exam 2: Tuesday, November 8th, 8:20 p.m. Final Exam: Saturday, December 10th, 7:30 a.m. (yes, seriously, that suggests MORNING) The course likewise has additional material on the Canvas E-learningsite. This contains grade indevelopment, lecture notes, and also web links to digital lecture videos! .