Tufts science and engineering complex

The 175,000-square-foot Science and also Engineering Complex at Tufts opened at the begin of the semester.Anna Miller/Tufts University/Tufts University
Tufts College freshly unveiled a new Science and Engineering Complex that officials hope will foster creation, participation, and also discovery on the Medford and also Somerville campus.

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The 175,000-square-foot facility on College Avenue includes a brand-new 80,000-square-foot building and the existing Robinkid and Anderkid halls.

The facility opened up at the begin of the semester following the completion of a $110 million project that included the new building and also the renovation of 26,000 square feet of Robinchild Hall.

The task included even more than 47,000 square feet of laboratories, classrooms, and also support rooms to Tufts’s science and design facilities, according to the university, which shelp the flexible design enables for the addition of more space to fulfill future demand.


Tufts President Anthony P. Monaco sassist in a statement that the facility was built to “advancement undergraduate teaching and undergraduate, graduate, and faculty study in the sciences and design.

“It was planned and also designed in order to facilitate interactions by students and also faculty throughout techniques,” added Monaco, “because we think that bringing strong disciplines together in cooperation uses the finest methods for discoveries that address a wide selection of huguy and ecological concerns.”

Monaco shelp the facility consists of “core infrastructure for imaging, mass spectromeattempt, and pet models that will certainly support not just the scientific research in the complex yet even more broadly throughout the university.”

Officials sassist the new facility is also a crucial component of Tufts’s Science and also Technology Corridor, a string of laboratories, workplaces, classrooms, and also collaborative space alengthy Boston Avenue in Medford dedicated to supporting STEM education and learning and research.

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Extfinishing from College Avenue to Harvard Street, the SciTech Corridor also includes the Tufts University Science and also Technology Center; the Collaborative Learning and Innovation Complex, which opened in 2015; and the brand-new Central Energy Plant, which offers power, steam, hot water for heating, and also chilled water for cooling to the top campus and also the brand-new Science and also Engineering Complex.


US Senator Edward J. Markey, a Malden Democrat, and also Medford Mayor Stephanie M. Burke were among those on hand for a recent occasion unveiling the brand-new facility.

Labs in the new complex include the recently dedicated Allen Discovery Center, which explores the life sciences. The facility was funded via a $10 million approve from Microsoft cofounder Paul G. Allen.

Highlights of the collaborative spaces include a window-lined atrium that functions a cafe.

The facility additionally contains a tool-equipped space for shared usage by faculty, researchers, and also students.