Troll Science, likewise known as “Troll Physics”, is a rage comic series illustrating various experiments that are based upon faulty knowledge of scientific ideas. The intentionally pseudo-scientific drawings are regularly used to mislead the viewers or frustrate science educators and also students for their evident errors.

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While troll science is rumored to have began on 4chan, the earliest recognized example was submitted to the f7u12<1> rage comic subreddit in a write-up titled "Troll Physics" on September 13th, 2010. The comic featured a illustration of a self-thrust truck powered by 2 horseshoe magnets dealing with each various other, which would be theoretically difficult based on their placement. The article got only 44 up votes and also 4 comments before being archived.



On September 13th, 2010, Redditor zarbob submitted a write-up to the f7u12<23> subreddit titled "Troll physics aget, the magnet helmet", which featured a drawing of a trollconfront soldier wearing a helmet through a magnet on it, implying that the magnetism would certainly lure any kind of bullets away from the wearer’s body (shown below).

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The earliest known Troll Science threview on 4chan<10> was posted to the /b/ (random) board on September 2nine, which started through the picture of the magnetically moved automobile. Prior to being archived, the threview built up over 313 responses, many of which containing additional troll scientific research comics.

On September 30th, the webwebsite Troll Science<3> was launched, which served as a database for troll scientific research images. On October first, the "Troll Physics"<4> blog was developed on the microblogging site Tumblr. The following day, one more Tumblr blog was created titled "Fuck Yeah Troll Science."<5> On October third, a thcheck out titled "Troll Physics" was posted on the Newgrounds Forums<12>, wright here its members were encouraged to create their very own versions. The same day, a threview featuring a number of troll physics comics was started on the BodyBuilding Forums<14> by member Vorian. October 17th, YouTuber Cidwel uploaded a video clip titled "Troll Physics Explained – Today: Infinite Car Power!", showing footage of a functioning magnet automobile in the Nintenperform DS game Scribblenauts.

On October 25th, the Web society blog Urlesque<8> publimelted an post by Will Zweigart titled "We Showed "Troll Physics" Comics to a Physics Professor. Here"s His Reaction", in which the New School herbal scientific research professor David Morgan described the fallacies natural in several troll science comics. On December 27th, the tech news blog Geekosystem<25> publimelted a short article titled "21 Vital Lessons in Troll Science", featuring a slideshow of notable examples of the comics. On January 30th, 2012, the application "Troll Science" was uploaded to the iTunes<26> store, including 90 troll comics for viewing on a mobile tool. The meme has actually continued to spcheck out on Memebase<7> and also Tumblr<24> under the tag "troll science." As of July second, 2012, a Facebook<27> web page for "Troll Science" has actually accumulated over 27,000 likes.