Topological quantum numbers in nonrelativistic physics

Topological quantum numbers are distinguimelted from quantum numbers based upon symmeattempt because they are insensitive to the imperfections of the devices in which they are oboffered.

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They have come to be incredibly important in precision measurements in recent years, and carry out the ideal measurements of voltage and also electric resistance. This book defines the theory of such quantum numbers, founding through Dirac"s discussion for the quantization of electric charge, and also continuing via discussions on the helium superfluids, flux quantization and also the Josephboy impact in superconductors, the quantum Hall effect, solids and also liquid crystals, and topological phase transitions. The accompanying reprints incorporate some of the timeless speculative and theoretical records in this location.Physicists — both experimental and theoretical — that are interested in the topic will discover this book an inhelpful recommendation.

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Preconfront v1 Introduction 11.1 Whole numbers in physics 11.2 Quantum numbers due to symmetry and also topological quantum numbers 31.3 Topics spanned in this book 41.4 Order parameters and also broken symmetry 61.5 Homotopy classes 101.6 Defects 142 Quantization of Electric Charge 162.1 Magnetic monopoles and electrical charge 162.2 Gauge invariance and also the Aharonov-Bohm result 183 Circulation and also Vortices in Superfluid 4He 213.1 Theory of Bose superfluids 213.2 Vortex lines 263.3 Detection of quantized circulation and vortices 293.4 The Magnus pressure 324 Superconductivity and also Flux Quantization 354.1 Superfluids and also superconductors 354.2 Order parameter for superconductors 364.3 London"s equation and flux quantization 374.4 Types I and II superconductors 394.5 Ginzburg-Landau concept 414.6 Flux-line lattice 445 Josephson Effects 465.1 Josephboy junctions and also SQUIDs 465.2 Voltage-frequency relation 526 Superfluid 3He 556.1 The nature of the order parameter 556.2 Vortices and also circulation in superfluid 3He 586.3 Defects and textures 646.4 Superliquid 3He in thin films and also narrowhead channel 667 The Quantum Hall Effect 687.1 Review 687.2 Proportionality of current density and also electrical field 697.3 Bloch"s theorem and also the Laughlin discussion 717.4 Chern numbers 747.5 Long range order in quantum Hall units 777.6 Edge states in the integer quantum Hall result 797.7 Fractional quantum Hall result 807.8 Fractional quantization and degeneprice ground claims 827.9 Topology of fractional quantum Hall fluids 837.10 Coupled quantum Hall systems 858 Solids and Liquid Crystals 898.1 Dislocations in solids 898.2 Order in liquid crystals 928.3 Defects and also textures 949 Topological Phase Transitions 1029.1 Overview 1029.2 The vortex induced shift in superliquid helium movies 1039.3 Two-dimensional magnetic units 1089.4 Topological order in solids 1109.6 Superconducting movies and also layered materials 1129.6 Josephson junction arrays 113References 116Reprinted Papers1 Summary 1371.1 G. 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