Calculus hasn"t adjusted, but your students have.

Thomas’ Calculus introduces students to the intrinsic beauty of calculus and also the elegance of its applications. For more than half a century, the text has been revered for its clear and also exact explacountries, thoughttotally favored examples, exceptional figures, and also time-tested exercise sets. MyMathLab for Thomas functions hundreds of algorithmic exercises and an immersive eText through videos and also learning tools simply a click ameans. By engaging students in the research of calculus, MyMathLab fosters discovering within and also beyond the classroom.

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by Thomas, Weir, and Hass

Thomas" Calculus

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Thomas" Calculus: Early Transcendentals

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Split Editions:

Calculus: Single Variable (Late Transcendentals) Calculus, Multivariable
for Calculus

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MyMathLab provides specific feedback and also guidance as students perform their homework-related.

MyMathLab for Thomas" Calculus: Highlights

Homework is just effective if students carry out it. MyMathLab not only checks that students are doing their homework, it likewise does the even more subtle task of providing particular feedback and also guidance alengthy the means.

Thousands of exercises: Quality exercises of all types and also challenge levels assist you satisfy the needs of students with diverse mathematical backgrounds. The Thomas’ Calculus courses function more than 7,000 assignable exercises.

NEW! Tutorial videos: This edition attributes the enhancement of hundreds of brand-new tutorial videos.

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Just-in-time algebra and trigonomeattempt review: MyMathLab addresses gaps in prerequiwebsite skills through diagnostic tests and targeted remediation, making certain that everyone have the right to keep up with the course.

Choose your course to review the finish contents of the MyMathLab courses for Thomas’ Calculus:

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Sample Chapter

From Calculus: Early Transcendentals Chapter 4 “Applications of Derivatives”

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