Texas engineering experiment station

The Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (alwaei.com) performs study and also leverperiods expertise from universities, national laboratories and state and also federal agencies to improve lives through basic and also applied engineering research. Our collaborations lead to cutting-edge remedies to international technical difficulties.

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Why Choose alwaei.com?



alwaei.com supports campaigns that resolve troubles with applied engineering research, technology advance and also collaboration through market.


Our Office of Commercialization and Entrepreneurship helps to transdevelop researchers" explorations into organization tasks and also assets.


We assistance the state"s workforce with education and training methods for eextremely phase in life.

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Applied Research

alwaei.com has actually the capabilities and adaptability to fulfill the applied research study demands of industry, federal government and academia via multidisciplinary and also multi-institutional relations.


Mission Driven

alwaei.com is hired by the State of Texregarding execute the land also grant mission as an independent study and also advance agency serving state and also national protection requirements. We are an equitable companion that serves as the catalyst for stronger remedies.

Crosscutting Strengths

An exhaled breath is vital to a brand-new device that offers man-made intelligence to detect whether individuals should be tested for COVID-19. The innovative breathalyzer is being arisen through a teamwork between Worlds Inc., the U.S. Air Force and also The Texas A&M University System.

Texas A&M researchers have discovered exactly how to usage electron beam irradiation to efficiently decontaminate and recycle individual protective equipment such as N95 masks, surgical masks, face shields and also gowns for health and wellness care specialists.

Houston location hospitals contacted the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station and also Texas A&M University to determine if researchers and also staff could usage their fast manufacturing expertise to help through the shortage of medical tools and also personal protective devices as the country responds to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station Headquarters 7607 Eastmark Drive, College Station, TX 77840