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Photograph taken by T. Harrow has Five Grand Award Winners 2021 Regeneron International Science and also Engineering Fair

Five Northeastern Florida students were called Grand Award Winners in the 2021 Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (Regeneron ISEF), the world’s largest worldwide high college competition. Historically organized in perboy, 2021 marks the initially time in its even more than 70-year history that the competition took place essentially. Although the COVID pandemic posed challenges to students roughly the human being, Northeastern Florida students found ways to style and also conduct novel and also robust scientific research projects.

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2nd Place Winner
Julia Kagilieryfor her development of a novel strategy to identify hefty metal concentration in water samples.
Third Place WinnersDaniel DelongJordan Harrow
Kristi Biswasfor her investigation of Parkinson"s Disease via fruit flies.

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for design a robotic hand also through computer system vision and also simulated grabbing of objects.
for her two-year examination of pesticide resistance in Daphnia.
4th Place WinnerNicole Stover
for her investigation oxygen augmentation in a hydroponics device.

The Grand Awards Ceremony was organized on the morning of May 21st, after 2 weeks of rigorous judging. In complete, more than $5 million was awarded to the finalists, who were evaluated based on their project"s creativity, innovation and also level of scientific inquiry. Over 4 million students conduct scientific research jobs global yearly, and also the best tasks are presented at ISEF. This year"s competition featured over 1,800 young scientists representing 49 claims and 64 countries throughout the civilization.

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