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COMPANY HISTORYStandard Testing and Engineering Company type of (Standard Testing) was started in Oklahoma City in 1951 as a skilled engineering firm specializing in geotechnological design and building products experimentation.

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Standard Testing employs around 40 highly-trained and knowledgeable people a lot of through college-level and/or specialized technical training. Standard Testing supplies many type of services, consisting of however not restricted to the following:– Geotechnical Engineering– Construction Materials Testing and also Engineering– Drilling Services– Structural Steel Inspection– Prestressed/Precast Concrete Inspection– Pavement Investigation– Structural Faientice InvestigationOur core staff members have actually substantial personal and professional background in the state of Oklahoma and also have emerged functioning relationships via neighborhood, state, and also federal agencies; regional style engineers; and also various other members of the regional building market.Standard Testing and also Engineering Company performs geotechnical drilling services. We own and operate our own fleet of 2 (2) truck-mounted CME55 and one CME55 all wheel drive carrier specialized drilling rigs for Geotechnological Soil and also Rock Characterization. We very own and also operate area expedition equipment which has electronic piezocone and pressure meter in enhancement to hollow stem auger, wet rotating, and rock coring equipment.Standard Testing and Engineering Company kind of (Standard Testing) is likewise recognized as a qualified Veteran-Owned, Small Company.In the geotechnological engineering and also products trial and error business, all at once qualifications and specific competencies in perdeveloping tests are a lot of reliably demonstrated by (1) expert licensure and also (2) accreditation by recognized accreditation authorities.ACCREDITATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONSStandard Testing and also Engineering Company type of holds a certificate of authorization (CA#77) from the Oklahoma State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and also Land Surveyors and also currently has actually four (4) licensed experienced engineers on full-time staff.Each of Standard Testing’s 3 laboratories in Oklahoma holds assorted combicountries of accreditation and/or validation for soils, aggregate, concrete, and asphalt testing by the AASHTO Accreditation Program (AAP), the International Conference of Building Code Officials’ (IAS) International Accreditation Services regimen, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) and also the UNITED STATE Military Corps of Engineers’ validation regime. A current listing of our AAP accreditations is contained via this packet.PROFICIENCY STANDARDSStandard Testing participates in the National Institute of Standards and also Technology (NIST) Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory (CCRL) proficiency routine. This regime contains inter-laboratory experimentation of aggregate and concrete. Air content, slump, unit weight, and compressive toughness of recommendation samples are tested by us and also the results sent out to CCRL for statistical compariboy with outcomes from other laboratories.Standard Testing likewise participates in the AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory programs for laboratory experimentation of soils/accumulation and also asphalt. Soil/aggregate proficiency testing is performed in liquid and also plastic (Atterberg) limits of soils, pwrite-up size evaluation, certain gravity of soils, moisture-density relationship making use of standard initiative (standard Proctor), and also California Bearing Ratio (CBR) tests. Asphalt testing has the conventional suite of asphalt testing for building and construction high quality control.

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Standard Testing has actually kept outstanding ratings in both of these programsQUALITY ASSURANCE/QUALITY CONTROL As component of Standard Testing’s all at once Quality Assurance/Quality Control Program, major trial and error tools, such as concrete cylinder compression machines, fill measuring equipment, and also applicable soil testing equipment, is calibrated by exterior agencies each year. Certifications issued by the calibration agencies are traceable to the correct National Institute of Standards and Technologies recommendation standards. Calibration certificates are on file and obtainable for reviewDocumentation of Standard Testing’s interior calibrations are also accessible. All tests are carried out in accordance with the proper test approaches as establiburned by known criteria agencies. Technician training/certification and rigorous interior review and tracking actions are utilized to ensure test outcomes are accurate and timely.Employees are urged to seek continuing education and learning and also training with regional technological training institutes. When the opportunity exists, Standard Testing gives intensive technological training with both in-house programs and also outside resources, including ODOT’s Highway Construction Materials Modules for Asphalt, Concrete, Soils, and also Aggreentrances, and American Concrete Institute’s continuing education courses.OKLAHOMA CITY OFFICEStandard Testing and also Engineering Company3400 N Lincoln BoulevardOklahoma City, OK 73105-5493(405) 528-0541(800) 725-0541(405) 528-0559 fax– Thomas J. Kelly, P.E., President– Ricdifficult W. Mudd, P.E., Vice-President– Eddie Proffit, Chief Financial Officer– Peter M. Shau, P.E., D.GE, Geotechnological Services Manager– Kevin Bennett, Field Technician Supervisor– Andie Madsen, Business Advancement DirectorENID OFFICE902 Trails West LoopEnid, OK 73703-6336(580) 237-3130(800) 725-3130(580) 237-3211 fax– Glenn Beckham, Enid Branch ManagerLAWTON OFFICE202 S.E. J AvenueLawton, OK 73501-2481(580) 353-0872(800) 725-0872(580) 353-1263 fax– Kerry Waymale, Lawton Branch Manager