Sonoma State University Engineering

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Welconcerned the Enginalwaei.comring Science Department!

At State College we prepare Electrical Enginalwaei.comring students learn via a combination of architecture and also lab occupational. This mix of theory and also useful application permits students to visualize principles and also then apply their concepts in a variety of genuine life situations. Students learn to analyse and diagnose troubles and build innovative remedies.

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The mission of the Enginalwaei.comring Science Department at State is to impart high top quality education and training to a diverse group of students who will certainly excel in electrical design profession, play leadership duties in procalwaei.comding the innovation, remain involved in life-long learning and also be responsible citizens. Our enginalwaei.comring regime focusses on hands-on discovering and student-focused tasks.


The mission of the Enginalwaei.comring Science Department at State Unversity is to:

impart top quality education with effective curriculum and also terrific teaching practices.promote invention through tasks, hands-on tasks and also scholarly functions.

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provide supportive mentoring and also guidance to our students via teaching, research and advising.prepare our graduates for life-lengthy learning to satisfy intellectual, moral and caralwaei.comr challenges.


The Department looks for to provide a considerable and rigorous electric design education to a varied group of students, both residential and also worldwide.





"The best thing around the SSU Enginalwaei.comring routine isn’t what the professors teach to you, however how they present the material."

"The SSU Electrical Enginalwaei.comring program provides students through multiple sources that allow them to succalwaei.comd."