Siemens Mechanical Engineering Internship

Are you a university student? Take regulate of your future and also fast-track your career. Learning first hand also from a human being leader will open doors after your level.
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If you’re excited to shape the innovations of tomorrow, tbelow are internship avenues emerging every day in nearly eexceptionally country in the Center East.Whether you're in search of a placement as part of your degree or during your summer break, we have plenty of internship methods throughout different locations of our company - you'll simply need to decide which sounds most interesting and apply for the area that inspires you the the majority of.

Engineering (Electrical/ Software/ Bio-Medical/ Mechanical)

Indevelopment TechnologyFinanceCommunicationsHuman being ResourcesProject Management

Environment Health and also Safety

Supply Chain ManagementLegal/Compliance


You’ll need to finish an virtual application, where you’ll submit your CV prior to its screened by our Talent Acquisition team.

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If you are schosen, you’ll be offered the possibility to play our game-based assessment. This is a tool that assesses your behavior traits and cognitive capacity and also it’s fun.

If you’re shortprovided for the final phase, you’ll be invited to an in-perboy intersee with a hiring manager and also a member of Talent Acquisition from 

If you"re successful, you"ll be invited to an assessment centre which consists of a strengths-based intercheck out and also team exercise.

During the process, we"ll be very closely looking at your overall abilities and also personality - so the finest you have the right to perform is to simply simply be yourself. Remember, it"s as much of an opportunity for you to acquire to recognize us, and also permitting us to obtain to recognize you - it"s incredibly much a two-method process.

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Wbelow are our previous interns now?

Our internships offer the perfect possibility to get ahead and also start a promising career at Let’s hear from the people that uncovered that out for themselves.

"My mentors were immensely patient and also guided me throughout the term of my internship, and I was able to make incredible friends that made the endure also more memorable. The understanding and also skills I have acquired from will certainly always be useful to me."

Agatha Santhosh studying at Rochester Institute of Technology properly completed her internship at via the Smart Infraframework Digital Grid Finance Team

"Eextremely day I was discovering something, obtaining abilities, making friends and bonding even more through my team that luckily were exceptionally humble, friendly and also supportive. After a couple of months, my manager asked me to sign up with his team on a full-time basis and also I accepted the market ideal away! I was provided an tremendous possibility and I sucount still have many kind of chapters in my story to be filled!"

Mohamed El Prince graduated from American College of Sharjah. He successfully completed his internship whilst researching at Smart Infraframework BP team. Mohamed is a existing employee working as Marketing Coordinator within the same company unit

Frequently asked questions

Want some even more indevelopment around internships at Here are some of our the majority of typically asked questions.

For a 6-month internship, the ideal candiday would certainly be someone examining in the direction of a degree. However before, we carry out sell shorter placements as well. You’ll watch all the needs in the job advertisements. 

No, all the internship positions are for students just (other than Qatar). However before, if you are a recent graduate, all the entry level and straight enattempt methods will be obtainable to you. We look forward to seeing your application.

When you accept our market, we ask for some documentation forced for the onboarding process. Onboarding have the right to take as long as 4 weeks, so we aim for you to begin within a month. 

Because of the high volume of applications we receive, it’s not possible to administer feedago at application and also testing stages. However before, if you’ve attfinished an assessment facility or confront to face intersee and also you repursuit feedearlier, we’ll happily provide it.

United Arab Emiprices is a lead nation in the Middle East, and also we have actually two workplaces both in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We also have actually workplaces in Egypt, Pakistan, Kuwait, Qatar, Omale and also Saudi Arabia. 

Remember, your internship suffer could be among the most necessary pieces of the structure you are laying for a effective career. Because the experienced civilization have the right to be exceptionally different from university life, it is essential that you have an knowledge of some of the differences. So excellent luck and also hope to watch you shortly. 

Emirati Graduate Program Emirati Graduate Program Kick-start your career through a two-year regimen that sends out you all over in the civilization.

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