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To uncover the negation of the provided statement “The automobile and also the shirt are both blue” that matches one of the alternatives provided.

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• Observe the given statement “The auto and also the shirt are both blue”. Tright here are two various objects involved, that is, a vehicle and shirt which are linked by the problem of having the same colour blue.

• Because “AND” operator is provided, it implies both the problem hregarding be true for the final outcome to be true.

• Using the Boolean rules, the negation of the provided statement holds true if and only if (iff) both problems are not satisfied.

• Reframe the provided statement making use of “Not” operator over both the problems and create the compelled negation statement.

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Consider the statement “The car and the shirt are both blue”.

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The statement is true if car and shirt are both blue, that is,

2 conditions are satisfied.

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It is false if at least among these problems is not satisfied that is, if at least among these is not blue.

So, the negation is,

“The Car is not blue, and / or the shirt is not blue”.

Hence, the correct answer is


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