Radium engineering surge tank

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20-0540-00 FHST, 350Z/G35 Coupe, No Pumps Included, Walbro GSS342, AEM 50-1200 - ($749.95)
20-0540-01 FHST, 350Z/G35 Coupe, 1 AEM 50-1200 Lift Pump and also 1 Walbro GSS342 Surge Pump Included - ($954.95)
20-0540-02 FHST, 350Z/G35 Coupe, 1 AEM 50-1200 Lift Pump and 2 Walbro GSS342 Surge Pumps Included - ($1,014.95)
20-0542-00 FHST, 350Z/G35 Coupe, No Pumps Included, Walbro F90000267/274/285, DW440 - ($749.95)
20-0542-01 FHST, 350Z/G35 Coupe, 1 AEM 50-1200 Lift Pump and also 1 Walbro F90000274 Surge Pump Included - ($1,009.95)
20-0542-02 FHST, 350Z/G35 Coupe, 1 AEM 50-1200 Lift Pump and also 2 Walbro F90000274 Surge Pumps Included - ($1,169.95)
20-0543-01 FHST, 350Z/G35 Coupe, 1 AEM 50-1200 Lift Pump and also 1 AEM 50-1200 Surge Pump Included - ($979.95)
20-0543-02 FHST, 350Z/G35 Coupe, 1 AEM 50-1200 Lift Pump and 2 AEM 50-1200 Surge Pumps Included - ($1,094.95)

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COMPATIBILITY*2004-2008 Nissan 350Z (RH or LH Drive)*2004-2007 Infiniti G35 Coupe (RH or LH Drive)*02-03 vehicles call for a 04-08 fuel level senderNissan P/N: 25060-AL511 or 25060-AL51A

OVERVIEWThe Radium Engineering FHST (fuel hanger surge tank) is the ultimate solution for fuel starvation issues in the Nissan Z33/V35 chassis. Due to the saddle-bag style OEM fuel tank and inadequate baffling, fuel starvation is widespread once the automobile is driven aggressively, such as on a track. This results in unsteady fuel pressure and feasible engine damages from running as well lean. A stand-alone surge tank is a wonderful tool for eliminating fuel starvation issues. But installing a stand-alone FST is challenging specifically in the 350Z because of the open-cabin style, and also absence of a firewall between the driver and the rear of the auto. So Radium Engineering chose to develop a completely functional fuel surge tank INSIDE the OEM tank.The Radium FHST can be offered via 1 or 2 aftermarket pumps and offers 1:1 regulated fuel to the engine. No grinding, bending, or modification of the vehicle"s sheet metal is compelled. Furthermore, the mechanism is compatible through alternate fuels such as E85.

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Features-Drop-In Installation-Permits 1 or 2 Surge Pumps-Brushless Fuel Pump Compatibility-Incorporated 1:1 Flexible Fuel Prescertain Regulator-Fuel Prescertain Gauge-Fuel Scarcity Protection-High Current Electrical Hardware-Compatibility through Popular Fuel Pumps-Anodized Aluminum Construction-Gasoline, Methanol, and Ethanol Compliant-Fuel Resistant Tubing andWiring-Stainmuch less Steel Hardware

HOW THE FHST WORKSThe OEM fuel module contains the pump, fuel pressure regulator, filter and has actually 2 venturi jet pumps that supply fuel from both sides of the tank. However, the OEM fuel module still suffers from slosh causing an interruption of the engine"s fuel supply.The Radium FHST is the best solution in avoiding fuel starvation. It installs in the oppowebsite side of the fuel tank from the OEM fuel module and also works together to save fuel distribution constant in all problems. The OEM fuel module receives an upgraded fuel pump which is supplied to send fuel to the Radium FHST keeping the collector box filled. The OEM venturi jet pumps will certainly still attribute as designed scavenging fuel from the bottom of the tank. The FHST pump(s) are used to supply fuel to the engine via an integrated fuel pressure regulator. As described below, the FHST pump(s) are offered via fuel from 3 different sources: the pump in the OEM fuel module, the integrated fuel push regulator rerevolve, and also 355LPH one-method fill valves on the bottom of the collector box that enables fuel in, but not out.

NOTES:1.The OEM venturi device must be offered with the Radium FHST.2. The OEM fuel module must be upgraded to a pump with at leastern 340LPH (
40psi) rated circulation in order for the venturi mechanism to job-related effectively.3. Do NOT modify the OEM FPR or OEM venturi jet pump. Starvation will not prematurely take place, yet the fuel level gauge will not check out accurately.

INTEGRATED FUEL PRESSURE REGULATORDue to the fact that the Nissan fuel mechanism is "returnless", compelled induction tuning can be problematic once a 1:1 fuel to increase push ratio is not possible. Like the OEM setup, a fuel push regulator (FPR) is included right into the Radium FHST. The distinction is the regulator is externally placed through an adjustment screw and a vacuum port. If an intake manifold vacuum hose is linked, the FHST"s built-in fuel push regulator will operate at a 1:1 ratio permitting fuel pressure to proportionally boost with manifold (boost) press. Conversely, the vacuum port have the right to remain open up to setting and also pressure will reprimary constant (favor OEM).

The returning low push fuel from the FPR is sent out back right into the FST collector box keeping it full. Also, 2 fuel return orifices are had for fine-tuning the desired fuel press to the fuel pumps" flow price and potential hose plumbing limitations. Refer to the installation instructions connect over for more details.NOTE: The Radium integrated regulator must be the only FPR in the fuel system.

PLUMBINGTo clear the OEM LH cover plate, the 8AN ORB threaded feed port and also 6AN ORB threaded inlet port function pre-installed low profile 6AN male fittings. While the pump "OUT" fitting deserve to constantly be readjusted (if necessary), the FHST "IN" fitting cannot be readjusted. The "IN" fitting incorporatesa distinct component that is compelled for the venturi device to occupational correctly.

Two 6AN fuel hoses are offered to mate each side of the fuel tank systems together.The system provides all crucial adapter fittings to reconnect the OEM fuel feed line. For high flow applications, it is recommfinished to run a big 8AN fuel feed line from the FHST to the fuel rail(s). Part number20-1000-0808 8AN adapter fittings deserve to be purchased separately and mounted into the FHST "OUT" port. A custom 8AN fuel line will additionally need to be configured and also assembled by the installer.

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Sock filters are used on all fuel pump inlets. And because the FHST does NOT remove the low micron OEM write-up pump filter, a downstream aftersector filter is recommended, but not required.

ELECTRICALThe custom designed stainmuch less electrical studs easily take care of the high existing demand also that compact multi-pin bulkhead connectors absence. These serviceable relationships are hermetically sealed and impervious to all standard and also exotic fuels. Non conductive anodized aluminum acorn nuts are gave to proccasion any kind of accidental brief circuiting. Electrical hardware is consisted of for the fuel pump(s) and OEM level sender. Furthermore, the in-tank wiring is insulated via high top quality chemically resistant ETFE.

External fuel pump wiring is particular to which FHST was purchased (see below).1. "No Pumps Included"-This kit includes 1 relay, 1 fusage, and also all connected wiring and also hardware to install 1 surge tank pump.If an extra fuel pump will certainly be mounted, purchase a Radium 17-0031 DIY Wiring KitHERE.2. "1 Pump Included"-This kit has 1 relay, 1 fusage, and also all associated wiring and hardware to install 1 surge tank pump.If an added fuel pump will certainly be mounted, purchase a Radium 17-0031 DIY Wiring KitHERE.3. "2 Pumps Included"-This kit consists of 1 relay, 1 fusage, and also all linked wiring and also hardware to install 1 surge tank pump.To run the second fuel pump, one more fuse and relay is forced. Consider purchasing Radium 17-0031 DIY Wiring KitHERE.

PUMP COMPATIBILITYBrumelted and brushless fuel pump options are accessible for the Radium 370Z/G35 Coupe FHST.The system is suited, however not restricted, to the following fuel pumps:Walbro F90000267 E85Walbro F90000274 E85Walbro F90000285 E85Walbro GSS342 255lphAEM 50-1200 E85Deatschwerks DW440(brushless)Not certain which pumps to choose? CLICK HERE

PUMP CONFIGURATIONIf providing your very own pumps, choose the option "No Pumps Included" from the food selection. Make certain you are picking the correct choice for the style of pumps you setup to install. This ensures the correct electric connectors and other tiny parts are included. When purchasing "No Pumps Included", the kit will certainly come partly assembled and tright here will be enough components contained to run one or 2 surge tank fuel pumps.Configurations with"Pumps Included"will certainly come pre-assembled and prepared to install.

INCLUDEDThe comprehensive kit has all components necessary to finish the installation consisting of a press gauge, outside fuel hose, fittings, electric fuse, relay etc. All kits through "Pumps Included" come with an AEM 340LPH pump that is to be set up in the OEM fuel module.

If a "pumps not included" version is selected (displayed above), the installer should purchase a 340 LPH pump separately.

Keep in mind that the fuel pump in the OEM basket MUST be upgraded to circulation at leastern 320 LPH at 3 Bar for this device to effectively job-related. This pump is now repurposed as a "lift" pump that fills and maintains fuel volume in the FHST through a calculated orifice in the FHST"IN" fitting. This keeps the required pressure for the venturi jet pumps to be energetic and also deliver fuel to the lift pump. When a low demand of fuel is existing, the FHST canister will overcirculation earlier into the LH side of the OEM tank. Fuel will then cycle back into the FHST via a 1-means fill valve incorporated to the bottom of the FHST. Unchoose typical surge tanks that rely greatly on surge tank pump and also lift pump circulation corresponding, the FHST offers an extra resource that negateways this necessary relationship. No issue what is dynamically transforming through the various other 2 fuel resources, the high flowing 1-way fill valve will certainly constantly supply fuel to the FHST canister till the LH side of the gas tank becomes incredibly low. At this point, it is approximately the lift pump and also the FPR to supply the last few ounces of fuel to the FHST.