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Education Interest: Engineering and also Architecture

Education Level: Graduate & Above

The college has important framework, framework and tools. Good classrooms, libraries, researches done through slides. Good playground, volleyround court and badminton court . Clean and hygienic food.
Teaching is quite good yet they have to not be offered power to provide inner marks as they wish. We had the smart classes also and we complete according to curriculam and it is updated. The library in college deserve to help you a lot.
Good training before placements in our college. They go by formal dresses at the time of placements. Above 90+ were via good salary. Ten lakes per month.. Twenty thousand. Yes our is supportive and excellent trained.
I feel the worth we are paying for our course per year is worth spending because college gives us with all the infrastructure necessary to learn in day to day life , and also i think to fulfil those demands the amount we pay is value-able
It is in middle of trees and also college is surrounded by trees and also hostel too and the environment is so great and also a fairly location to concentrate . Far ameans from website traffic sounds and also having a great protection to the college. In emergencies it has actually a dispencery near it.

Last Seen: 29 Jun' 20

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Education Interest: Engineering and also Architecture

Education Level: Graduate & Above

Yes our college have all kinds of facilities and also equipments .The facilities we have in our college are we have calm setting in the classrooms with all kinds of equipments favor projectors , and also for the defense of th students in each course we have cc cameras etc..
Extrasimple and higher qualified teachers and also they are for u to gain in to a great path for ur future and ur best hopes and also hardworking will certainly provide this college ago to u I hope it's life take care of yours for me it's best
Coming to the placements we don't have the core firm choose just 2 service providers pertains to hire the students and among them one Is pucount for girls and also the other is not fairly constant and also our college does not permit all the interested students to attend the placements they just ask the students who have actually payed the amount.

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The value for money facet is as rated, good. If you finish up in a good company, your future will certainly be bappropriate. The future is what you make of it. In addition, I would say It is a great value for money.
You will certainly satisfy the sort of human being you've never before met before. You will uncover good friends and also leaders alengthy your means. Acomponent from that teachers, lecturers, and every various other staff members are incredibly supportive and are of good help to us.
My college provides with great infrastructure and also as prefer well equipped labs and digital library through many kind of of books,well preserved playgrounds,Neat excellent course rooms and My college is affordable in a means like that interactivity of the faculty with students that are having actually even more interemainder rather a lot industrial experience. Infrastructure
We had actually a wonderful infrastructure and also a lovely faculty through 100% placements as necessary .. We cherish many kind of memories in our college.. My graduation went perfect also.. That"s it I have the right to tell you.. No more words to describe about my college.. It was highlight n marvlellous ..I miss out on my college days so a lot Infrastructure
Pydah College of Engineering has facilities and framework of global requirements. The ambiance in the campus induces discovering and makes the remain pleasant, comfortable and also educative. The campus has expensive lecture halls hosupplied in separate blocks with purpose certain labs for each department, a sepaprice administrative block, library and also auditorium. Sports facilities are adequately provided and also landscaping is aesthetically designed. The students leaving the portal are all set to satisfy the obstacles in their skilled careers equipped through knowledge and also brimming through confidence. The college is apverified by AICTE and also affiliated to JNTU, Kakinada. over all average in all infrastructure. Infrastructure
IT Infrastructure
Alumni Associations
Guest Room
Address: Pydah College of Engineering and Technology, Gambhiram, Boyapalem, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh-531163, India
Engineering and Architecture
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Medical/Hospital :The college has a health and wellness center via a first aid facility for the students.
Gym :The college has a Gym facility for the students.
Library :College is a member of AICTE - INDEST consortium. 35,000 plus textpublications are accessible digital. 250 plus journals are likewise easily accessible on the net. This facility is available to the students acomponent from the physical library which is having actually a great arsenal of textpublications and recommendation publications as per AICTE / Univerisity norms.
Sports :The college has invested a large amount of funds in arising the infrastructure for Cricket, Hocvital and also Footsphere and also separate courts for Badminton, Basketround, Volleyball, and Tennis. Facilities for Indoor-games like Carroms, Chess, Table Tennis are also made accessible.
I.T Infrastructure :The college has actually fantastic IT Infraframework facility for the students. The College is having 60 MBPS leased Net Facility. The complete campus is connected via Fiber Optical lines for speedy internet accessibility.
Cafeteria :The college has Spacious and well-maintained canteenager is provided to the students and also staff of Pydah Educational Academy. Canteenager gossip is lively and interesting. Students and Staff at Pydah have the right to relax and refresh themselves in the campus canteen munching delicious snacks while sharing principles. Day scholars make use of the infrastructure offered at the college canteenager wbelow hygienic food is offered at incredibly reasonable rates throughout lunchtime or break.
Transport Facility :The college is operating a huge fleet of 30 buses from all corners of the city to carry out good and also safe transport to the students and also staff.
Guest Room/Waiting Room :The college has actually guest house/waiting room framework for visiting faculty and also student family members members.
Alumni Associations :The Association Aims at bridging the gap in between Curriculum and also Industry and also provide a solid platcreate for networking via our entire alumnus who is diligent and also skilltotally providing their inhelpful solutions through field of expertise in various sectors worldwide. As the Strong Alumnus of pydah.

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Approval of this College:Affiliated
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Accreditation of this College:
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