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Information for Verifiers

Princeton University makes use of The Work Number by Equifax to automate verifications of employment and also acceleprice qualifying decisions for faculty and staff. The online device is available to verifiers 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

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Verifiers who must attain proof of employment or income through The Work Number will need:

Credentialed accessibility to usage The Work NumberThe Princeton College employer code, which is 14343The employee’s Social Security numberA permissible objective for accessing the indevelopment, as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting ActDirect employee consent, if income or salary information is needed

Verifiers that are able to complete the verification of employment through The Work Number, please follow the instructions listed below to finish the verification:

Please visit and select “I’m a Verifier”Provide the following:Employer Name or Code: Princeton UniversityEmployer Code is 14343Employee’s Social Security Number

For more indevelopment, visit The Work Number or speak to The Work Number client organization facility at (800) 367-5690.

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For wage garnishments or student verifications, contact Payroll at (609) 258-3082 or Payroll

Employment & Income Verifications Request

For confirmation of employment or income that cannot be processed with The Work Number, repursuits should be made in writing and also incorporate a signed authorization form from the employee. A signature authorizing the release of indevelopment is required. If the signature is not on the create, it will certainly delay processing. HR makes eextremely attempt to finish verification in a timely fashion.

Send requests to:

Princeton Plasma Physics LaboratoryPerson Reresources Employment VerificationP.O. Box 451Princeton, NJ 08543-0451


Fax (609) 243-2050

email hr-staff

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory is a UNITED STATE Department of Energy national laboratory controlled by Princeton College.

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