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Chapter 1: Fundamentals 1.1: Real Numbers (72) 1.2: Exponents and Radicals (63) 1.3: Algebraic Expressions (88) 1.4: Rational Expression (84) 1.5: Equations (100) 1.6: Modeling via Equations (84) 1.7: Inefeatures (105) 1.8: Coordinate Geometry (85) 1.9: Graphing Calculators; Solving Equations and Ineattributes Graphically (58) 1.10: Lines (71) 1.11: Modeling Variation (42) 1: Chapter Review Chapter 2: Functions 2.1: What is a Function? (76) 2.2: Graphs of Functions (88) 2.3: Increasing and Decreasing Functions; Mean Rate of Change (36) 2.4: Transformations of Functions (63) 2.5: Quadratic Functions; Maxima and also Minima (66) 2.6: Modeling via Functions (19) 2.7: Combining Functions (62) 2.8: One-to-One Functions and Their Inverses (80) 2: Chapter Recheck out Chapter 3: Polynomial and also Rational Functions 3.1: Polynomial Functions and also Their Graphs (81) 3.2: Dividing Polynomials (66) 3.3: Real Zeros of Polynomials (96) 3.4: Complex Numbers (78) 3.5: Complex Zeros and also the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra (68) 3.6: Rational Functions (78) 3: Chapter Rewatch Chapter 4: Exponential and also Logarithmic Functions 4.1: Exponential Functions (71) 4.2: Logarithmic Functions (78) 4.3: Laws of Logarithms (64) 4.4: Exponential and Logarithmic Equations (82) 4.5: Modeling via Exponential and Logarithmic Functions (41) 4: Chapter Rewatch Chapter 5: Trigonometic Functions of Real Numbers 5.1: The Unit Circle (25) 5.2: Trigonometric Functions of Real Numbers (41) 5.3: Trigonometric Graphs (24) 5.4: More Trigonometric Graphs (23) 5.5: Modeling Harmonic Motion (20) 5: Chapter Review Chapter 6: Trigonometric Functions of Angles 6.1: Angle Measure (19) 6.2: Trigonometry of Right Triangles (14) 6.3: Trigonometric Functions of Angles (18) 6.4: The Law of Sines (10) 6.5: The Law of Cosines (13) 6: Chapter Review Chapter 7: Analytic Trigonomeattempt 7.1: Trigonometric Identities (12) 7.2: Addition and Subtraction Formulas (13) 7.3: Double-Angle, Half-Angle, and Sum-Product Formulas (29) 7.4: Inverse Trigonometric Functions (20) 7.5: Trigonometric Equations (37) 7: Chapter Rewatch Chapter 8: Polar Coordinates and Vectors 8.1: Polar Coordinates (31) 8.2: Graphs of Polar Equations (15) 8.3: Polar Form of Complex Numbers; DeMoivre"s Theorem (49) 8.4: Vectors (43) 8.5: The Dot Product (37) 8: Chapter Recheck out 8: Chapter Test Chapter 9: Solution of Equations and Ineattributes 9.1: Equipment of Equations (53) 9.2: Systems of Liclose to Equations in Two Variables (56) 9.3: Systems of Liclose to Equations in Several Variables (38) 9.4: Systems of Liclose to Equations: Matrices (52) 9.5: The Algebra of Matrices (43) 9.6: Inverses of Matrices and also Matrix Equations (48) 9.7: Determinants and also Cramer"s Rule (58) 9.8: Partial Fractions (44) 9.9: Solution of Ineattributes (47) 9: Chapter Review Chapter 10: Analytic Geometry 10.1: Parabolas (52) 10.2: Ellipses (52) 10.3: Hyperbolas (46) 10.4: Shifted Conics (39) 10.5: Rotation of Axes (11) 10.6: Polar Equations of Conics (11) 10.7: Plane Curves and Parametric Equations (16) 10: Chapter Recheck out Chapter 11: Sequences and also Series 11.1: Sequences and also Summation Notation (78) 11.2: Arithmetic Sequences (63) 11.3: Geometric Sequences (77) 11.4: Mathematics of Finance (21) 11.5: Mathematical Induction (34) 11.6: The Binomial Theorem (50) 11: Chapter Review Chapter 12: Limits: A Preview of Calculus 12.1: Finding Limits Numerically and Graphically (13) 12.2: Finding Limits Algebraically (17) 12.3: Tangent Lines and Derivatives (16) 12.4: Limits at Infinity: Limits of Sequences (16) 12.5: Areas (5) 12: Chapter Rewatch

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