Pre Calculus Workbook Pdf

David Lippguy and Melonie Rasmussen

Precalculus: An Investigation of Functions is a complimentary, open textbook covering a two-quarterpre-calculus sequence consisting of trigonomeattempt. The first portion of the book is an investigation of features, exploring the graphical habits of, interpretation of,and options to difficulties including linear, polynomial, rational, exponential, and also logarithmic attributes. An focus is put on modeling and also interpretation, aswell as the vital attributes necessary in calculus.

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The second percentage of the book introduces trigonometry. Trig is introduced through an included circle/triangle strategy. Identities are presented in the initially chapter, and also rewent to throughout. Likewise, fixing is presented in the second chapter and also revisted more extensively in the third chapter. Similar to thefirst part of the book, a focus is placed on motivating the ideas and also on modeling and also interpretation.

In enhancement to the paper homeoccupational sets, algorithmically created virtual homework is accessible as part of a complete course shell package, whichalso includes a sample syllabus, teacher notes through lecture examples, sample quizzes and exams, printable classjob-related sheets and handouts, and chapter evaluation difficulties. If you teach in Washington State, you have the right to discover the course shell in the layout course list. For those located somewhere else,you have the right to access the course shell at A self-research variation of the online course exercises is additionally accessible on for students wanting to learn the product on their own, or that need a refresher.

The totality book or individual chapters are obtainable for download listed below, or you have the right to order a bound printed copy from, Createroom, or Amazon. If you are offering a link to students or a booksave to purchase published duplicates of the book, please direct them to this web page. If you are an instructorand are using this book with your class, please drop us an email so we can track use and keep youupdated through changes.

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ContentsBookDetailed Solutions
Whole Book - 2nd EditionPDFOrder complete book from LuluChp 1-4: PDF, Lulu or AmazonChp 5-9: PDF, Lulu or AmazonPDF
Front MatterPDF DOCX
Chapter 1: Functions1.1 Functions and Function Notation1.2 Doprimary and also Range1.3 Rates of Change and Behavior of Graphs1.4 Composition of Functions1.5 Transformation of Functions1.6 Inverse FunctionsPDF DOCXPDF DOCX
Chapter 2: Linear Functions2.1 Linear Functions2.2 Graphs of Linear Functions2.3 Modeling with Liclose to Functions2.4 Fitting Liclose to Models to Data2.5 Absolute Value FunctionsPDF DOCXPDF DOCX
Chapter 3: Polynomial and Rational Functions 3.1 Power Functions & Polynomial Functions3.2 Quadratic Functions3.3 Graphs of Polynomial Functions3.4 Factor and also Remainder Theorem3.5 Real Zeros of Polynomials3.6 Complex Zeros3.7 Rational Functions3.8 Inverses and Radical FunctionsPDF DOCXPDF DOCX
Chapter 4: Exponential and also Logarithmic Functions 4.1 Exponential Functions4.2 Graphs of Exponential Functions4.3 Logarithmic Functions4.4 Logarithmic Properties4.5 Graphs of Logarithmic Functions4.6 Exponential and Logarithmic Models4.7 Fitting Exponentials to DataPDF DOCXPDF DOCX
Chapter 5: Trigonometric Functions of Angles 5.1 Circles5.2 Angles5.3 Points on Circles utilizing Sine and Cosine5.4 The Other Trigonometric Functions5.5 Right Triangle TrigonometryPDF DOCXPDF DOCX
Chapter 6: Periodic Functions 6.1 Sinusoidal Graphs6.2 Graphs of the Other Trig Functions6.3 Inverse Trig Functions6.4 Solving Trig Equations6.5 Modeling with Trigonometric EquationsPDF DOCXPDF DOCX
Chapter 7: Trigonometric Equations and Identities 7.1 Solving Trigonometric Equations through Identities7.2 Addition and also Subtractivity Identities7.3 Double Angle Identities7.4 Modeling Changing Amplitude and MidlinePDF DOCXPDF DOCX
Chapter 8: Additional Applications of Trigonometry 8.1 Non-best Triangles: Law of Sines and Cosines8.2 Polar Coordinates8.3 Polar Form of Complex Numbers8.4 Vectors8.5 Dot Product8.6 Parametric EquationsPDF DOCXPDF DOCX
Chapter 9: Conics9.1 Ellipses9.2 Hyperbolas9.3 Parabols and Non-Liclose to Systems9.4 Conics in Polar CoordinatesPDF DOCXPDF DOCX
Answers to Schosen ExercisesPDF DOCX

Text last updated: August 2020. Latest Edition: 2.2.The PDF links and also Amazon print web links are edition 2.2.The Lulu print web links are still for edition 2.1, as they"ve raisedtheir printing prices on brand-new books higher than we"re willing to charge, so are looking right into brand-new options.

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