Pltw Aerospace Engineering Final Exam

tzhsaero to the number 810102020-2021 Aeroroom College Crmodify Link: St Cloud StateFINAL REVIEW- 

AE Final Exam Study Guide

PLTW Aerospace Key Terms Review

Practice Questions 1

Practice Questions 2

 Engineering Formula Sheet(ONLY pg- 1,2,3,4,5,10)

Start the Delta Dart Project . You have actually 3 days to do it.

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Upload a photo of it to this Google Slides and also MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR NAME and Max Flight Time.


Building the Clawbot on Inventor

 Using RobotC, Complete Robo Slalom II

Finish Robo Dunk

4.2.7.A VariableFunction

4.2.6.A WhileIfElseLoops

Natural Coding Fast Reference

Variable Function labs

 While-else Labs

Complete Basic Inputs Labs 1-8

Bull in the Ring Challenge 

Basic Outputs Labs 

 VEX Testbed & Video Tutorials


VEX_Cortex Pinout Line


4.2.4.A ProgrammingDesign

 Intro To VEX and ROBOTC

 RobotC Fundamentals – click “next” then complete the 4 topics under Unit 1 intro to programming

 Please watch RobotC & VEX

VR VEX Online Coding Units


 Please open up the STK software application and also continue Where is The Void Station STK Tutorial

STK Tutorial then uppack to this Google Slide

You have to finish this Attendance FORM. Satellite Constellations Activity

3.2.0.KT KeyTerms

Unit 3.1 Key Terms

 Use the 3 Google slides below from yesterday to complete Special Orbit Types Activity

 Use the 3 Google slides listed below from yesterday to finish Orlittle Description Activity

Use OrbitMechModeling, Orbital Elements and also OrbitalPatterns to complete Orlittle bit Types Activity

Use OrbitalMechPhysics and Orbital Physics Activity

Intro To Void + History and also Orbital Mechanics Historical Perspective Assignment

 What Is Void and also Planet Sizes Activity

 Moon Survival Activity

Body Equipment Activity

 Use Body Solution Google Slides and Google to Complete Body Systems Question Bank


 Estes Rocket Engine Experiment

 Gas Turbine Engine Simulator

DeSantis is lacking you have to finish this FORM. NO ZOOM. Then end up making your rocket nose cone and fins on inventor. If you complete, then develop an assembly file on inventor and also assemble the body tube, nose cone, and also fins.

See more: Modern Physics For Scientists And Engineers 2Nd Edition Solutions

Open Notes Test Friday! No Calculations. All test material are marked *** listed below. STUDY, STUDY, STUDY!

Deauthorize a Custom Rocket: Body Tube 1 1/8″ diameter via 8″ size, select 1 nose cone architecture and also 1 tail fin design

 Beam Analysis Design

 Open Rocket Tutorial and also location screenshot of finished Open Rocket HERE

Rocket class info


 Material Testing Vocab

Use Beam_Deflection to Complete Beam Deflection Activity

 Jet Engine Mount Tutorial

 Open Inventor and work on Frame Analysis Tutorial

 Frame Generator Tutorial

Aircraft, Rocket, Space Engines

– Aeroarea Materials Investigation Assignment

– AerospaceMaterials

Propulsion Formula Activity

Rocket Propulsion


Aircraft Accidents

Flight Planning & Navigation Key Terms to Complete the Key Terms Activity

 NTSB Report Google Slides Project

 Finish Malcolm Gladwell Assignment

Flight Physiology

Use IntroAviationPhysiology to complete  Aviation Physiology Activity


 QUIZ  Radio Nav, DME Slant Angles, VOR

 Please watch VOR video and also Use VOR Radio Navigation to Complete VOR activity

GENERAL PRACTITIONERS Route Planning Activity then upfill the demands in this Google Slide

Use Radio Navigation to finish DME slant calcs

Use AirTrafficControl to Complete Air Traffic Control Activity

GPS Navigation

Flight Simulator


Want to style a 3d Printed glider using Autodesk Inventor?? Sounds choose fun!! You should brainstorm 3 ideas. Max Size 3″ tall, 6″ long, 6″ wide. Upload STL records here

 DUE TUESDAY Glider Written Report Rubric

Glider template(Only for students 100% remote)

Glider Construction

Glider Design Using Aery and Aery Constraints

Glider Brainstormed Sketches 

Glider Design Challenge #2

Glider Design Challenge #1

Glider Design Competitive Flights

Glider Design and Build Project

TEST on Physics of Flight

Airfoil ppt 

bernoulli calcs activity

10/9- Please finish the Physics of Flight Key Terms

Use AerodynamicForces to complete AerodynamicForces Activity

Use Atmospbelow ppt to complete Atmosphere Activity

Use ForcesOfFlightStcapability ppt to complete CenterGravity activity

airplane control

Three Axes


 Use Parts of an Airaircraft and Aircraft Controls to finish the Parts of an Aircraft activity