I was extremely curious about the Pilot Color Eno Mechanical Pencils ($2.75 each) so I bought all eight colors. The are 0.7mm colored pencils in mechanical pencil create and also they are supposed to be erasable in the exact same vein as the Col-Erase but in mechanical pencils which means that pencil sharpeners would certainly not be needed. So, I believed these would be worth a try. Each pencil is $2.75 each and tbelow are replacement colored leads ($1.65 per tube) in the original formula and also newer Neox leads ($3.30 per tube) as well and also tright here are replaceable erasers as well. ($1.65 per fill of 5)

Because the leads are 0.7mm, you have the right to obtain a fine line but tbelow are some sacrifices. If you press too tough on the fine 0.7mm lead, it will snap. But via some of the lighter colors favor the yellow, you can’t really view the color unless you bear dvery own on it. Some of the other colors, favor the blue, is just as well difficult and scratchy. You can’t acquire a rich, creamy shade like you have the right to via various other colored pencils bereason the lead had to be formulated such to host together in such a fine diameter. So, yeah… sacrifices.

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Based on my experiments, I wouldn’t recommend acquiring ALL the colors. I’d recommend acquiring the “animator’s friends” which would be the soft blue (AKA non-photo or non-repro blue) and also red (which is comparable to the beloved Col-Erase Vermillion or Carmine Red favored by animators). I would certainly recommend, if you favor thes ecolors, to then upgrade to the Neox leads though.

I also prefer the violet and pink pencils for sketching. The violet is actually fairly dark and also smooth and, conversely, the pink is pretty light. I liked the pink so a lot, I actually upgraded the bring about the Neox which doesn’t seem to wear dvery own rather as fast. I burned via 3 of the standard pink leads in around a week.

Above are some quick sketches utilizing the Pink Neox and the traditional soft blue leads.

The colors I wouldn’t recommfinish are the yellow and the blue. The yellow was just too light to be advantageous and the blue was the hardest lead of the lot. Maybe I got a dud lead however it was super scratchy and uncooperative. I simply couldn’t gain it to lay dvery own any kind of shade. I could attempt the Neox lead for the blue pencil to watch if I have actually much better luck bereason the stock lead did not perform me any favors. I discovered the ovariety and also green to be acceptable however not colors I’d race out to buy again.

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As for the erasability, I’d not recommfinish the erasers anyeven more than I perform the erasers on Col-Erase. They do erase a bit yet its by no indicates a complete success. They are simply OK. I would recommfinish trying various other erasers choose a foam or plastic eraser for better success. The nice thing is that the pencils are not super smudgey choose graphite and that their erasable tendencies mean that if you usage these as component of a base drawing for a paint or inked artwork, you deserve to choose a shade that could coordinate with your overall color palette so that it will blend in and also disappear as color is included wright here graphite could gray your colors.

For sketching in meetings, the Pilot Color ENO mechanical pencils are a lot much less intrusive to use quite than being the d-bag that brings in the handheld sharpener and also leaves a pile of shavings on the table. They likewise make it much easier to have actually a good portable kit for travel as the pipe for the lead is fully retractable into the plastic barrel so it will certainly not be damaged in transport.

Note: These pencils were tested on the Block Bitacora spiral-peak 90gsm bond paper made by Minerva from Peru. Acquired in one of the many type of kits received from Rad + Hungry.

DISCLAIMER: This item was sent out to me complimentary of charge by JetPens for the objective of testimonial. Please check out the About page for more details.