Students, families, teachers and also especially the curious are invited to attfinish our yearly Physics with a Bang! Holiday Lecture and Open House.

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Lecture: See fast, loud, surprising and beautiful physics demos perdeveloped by Profs. Heinwell-off Jaeger and Sidney Nagel.

Guided Lab tours: Seeour scientists in theirnatural habitats andask them about their latest explorations.....

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Demo Alley:Participate in hands-on tasks associated toresearchand also try doing the demosyourself.....

This event commonly takes place on the 1st Saturday of December (orSaturday during analysis duration before final exams).

Location: Kersten Physics Teaching Center; 5720 S. Ellis Ave., Chicback, IL 60637

Floating a Boat on air!
Getting closer to the demo!
Fascicountry through leftover mist....
Tour of Irvine lab
Tour of Nagel lab
Tour of Schuster lab
Demo Alley
Hovercraft rides in Demo Alley


Informal Science Outreach

11am present, December 2019

11am display, December 2018

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