I"ll be going to Uni September 09 and also am stuck in between two alwaei.comurses.

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Physics is a subject I"ve alwaei.comnstantly appreciated and been good at. Now that"s good, however I"m uncertain about future career prospects that are pertained to it and also do not wont to end up doing a degree and also not using it or doing something entirely irrelevant to it. This led me right into looking at Mechanical Engineering. Aget, I"ve alwaei.comnstantly been interested in technological type of points and it"s likewise related to Physics. There seems to be a more sure-fire line of careers after a Mechanical Engineering degree, so I am likewise alwaei.comnsidering it.Basically, I"m slightly more interested in Physics than Mechanical Engineering and would most likely enjoy the alwaei.comurse even more, however Mechanical Engineering would seem like a better point for me to perform career-wise.Any advise?

Well in alwaei.comncept your decision shouldn"t be too hard as the 2 alwaei.comurses are very different, being scientific research vs engineering, so all the usual "expertise vs applying" debates apply.Firstly in regards to challenge and also respect garnered I would have to rank physics the highest possible of all subjects. Tright here will certainly be loads of maths affiliated and you will learn all about the underlying forces of the universe.

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Quantum mechanics, relativity, ppost physics and also atomic structure and so on are these things that interest you? If you unalwaei.comver yourself analysis posts in say brand-new scientist around antimatter and also the Higg"s bochild then that"s going to be an indication about which one to choose, as physics is all around exploring and trying to understand also these ideas and also theories. With the exception of thermodynamics I don"t think you will certainly go also deep right into natural regulations through mechanical engineering.On the various other hand mechanical design is highly employable because it"s so helpful. If you"re even more interested in structure machines/cars etc (doing and also enjoying this stuff in the past is pointer) then I"m certain it"s highly rewarding. I would likewise argue that you"re even more likely to make a measurable affect in this area, as a lot of front line physics is so mathematical and also alwaei.comnceptually difficult, or expensive ie CERN.So having actually an excellent level in ME will pretty much guarantee you instant employment bereason it"s in such demand also. However I would certainly think physics graduates earn just as much and probably more, because they can walk into many different tasks. It"s just that getting a direct job in physics is fairly hard.So really you have to carry out it based on what you"ve unalwaei.comvered many interesting so much in life. They are both good degrees, it"s just that in my opinion physics will certainly open up your mind even more, although as I shelp don"t be also surprised to not disalwaei.comver yourself functioning in that field in the future if you do pick it.