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1 Physics Skills Interpreting Graphs


2 Interpreting Graphs In laboratory investigations, you mostly regulate one variable and meacertain the impact it has on another variable while you hold all various other determinants continuous.

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For instance, you could vary the pressure on a cart and meacertain its acceleration while you store the mass of the cart consistent.

3 After the data are accumulated, you then make a graph of acceleration (dependent variable) versus force (independent variable) making use of the methods for good graphing. The graph provides you a much better understanding of the partnership in between the 2 variables.

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4 Types of Graphs Tbelow are four relationships that we will talk around in graphs in this physics course. If the dependent variable varies straight with the independent variable, the graph will be a directly line as displayed below. As one variable gets bigger the various other variable also gets bigger. The general equation for this partnership is y = kx (k is some constant)


5 Inverse curve (Power) in ExcelIf y varies inversely through x, the graph will be a hyperbola as shown in this graph. As one variable gets bigger the other variable gets smaller The equation for this curve is or