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See exactly how Mastering Physics helps students master vital principles, build problem-solving abilities, and improve results.

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Give students accessibility to their textbook anytime, anywhere

Pearchild eText

Pearboy eText is an easy-to-use digital textbook available within Mastering. It lets students check out, highlight, take notes, and testimonial crucial vocabulary* all in one place, also once offline. Seamlessly included videos and also other well-off media* interact students and also offer them access to the help they need, as soon as they require it. Educators deserve to conveniently customize the table of contents and share their own notes via students so they see the link between their eText and also what they learn in class — motivating them to keep analysis, and also keep learning.

NEW - Analytics Dashboard. Use the dashboard to acquire insight right into how students are working in their eText to plan more reliable instruction in and also out of course.Scheduled Reading.Asauthorize a chapter or particular area to organize students accountable for their reading and also assist them prep for lecture, homeoccupational, and also quizzes. Scheduled Readings populate to each student’s assignment page, and you have the right to currently link readings directly to a Mastering assignment.

*Available with choose titles.


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Aid students succeed in their initially college physics course

Physics Primer

The Physics Primer tutorial series helps students that battle via the math and physics skills required to succeed in their first college physics course. With the Physics Primer, instructors can asauthorize preconstructed modules that deserve to be supplied as a boot-camp style module or as just-in-time remediation before each chapter.

Ready-to-Go Teaching Modules

Created for and also by instructors, Ready-to-Go Teaching Modules manipulate teaching tools for prior to, during, and also after class, including new concepts for in-course activities. The modules incorporate the ideal that the message, Mastering Chemistry, and Learning Catalytics have to sell and deserve to be accessed via the Instructor Resources location of Mastering Physics. Available for choose titles.

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New Ready-to-Go Study Tools

Help students understand the toughest topics encountered as soon as completing homework and also practicing for exams, as figured out by professors and fellow students. Prelecture Videos, Interactive Worked Examples, and trouble sets through answer-specific feedearlier are all-in-one and easy-to-navigate to keep students focused and give them the scaffolded support needed to succeed. Students have the right to accessibility Ready-to-Go Study Tools in the Mastering Study Area and use on their own. Available for choose titles.


Increase student retention in your course

Early Alerts

Early Alerts in Mastering use predictive analytics based upon a student’s work in Mastering, such as correct answers ontheinitially try. This information helps identify struggling students as early as possible—also if their assignment scores are not a reason for issue. This understanding enables instructors to carry out support once students require it so they deserve to stay—and succeed—in the course.

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Personalize learning for each student

Assistance students research better

Dynamic Study Modules are assignable modules that pose a collection of question sets around a course topic. Questions adapt to each student’s performance and also market personalized, targeted feedback to help them understand essential principles. Students deserve to use their computer system or the MyLab and Mastering app to access Dynamic Study Modules. Available for choose titles. 

Targain gaps in student understanding

Adaptive Follow-Ups administer targeted practice and coaching to help students master the product. Each assignment is damaged right into sets of inquiries that targain gaps in understanding based upon the student"s previous performance on course work-related to day, including homework-related, tests, and quizzes. Available for choose titles.

Enhance finding out via videos

Prelecture Videos

Interenergetic Qualitative Prelecture Videos introduce key topics with embedded assessment to help students prepare before lecture and to assist professors identify student misconceptions.

Quantitative Prelecture Videos match Interenergetic Pre-lecture Videos and are designed to expose students to concepts prior to class and aid them learn exactly how difficulties for a details idea are worked.

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Enhanced End-of-Chapter Questions provide instructional assistance when and also where students require it, and also incorporate links to the eText, math remediation and wrong-answer feedback for homejob-related assignments.


Tutorial Problems guide students via the toughest topics— allowing students to learn from their mistakes. Hints and also Feedago market instruction similar to what students endure in an office hours visit, enabling them to make mistakes without being given the answer.


PhET Tutorials assist students affix physics to the actual civilization by using the interactive research-based simulations from the PhET Group at the University of Coloraperform, Boulder to aid students make relations in between real-life phenomena and also the underlying physics.


Link from your LMS to Mastering Physics

Learning Management System (LMS) Integration

You deserve to now connect from Blackboard Find Out, Brightarea by D2L, Canvas, or Moodle to Mastering Physics.* Access assignments, rosters, and also sources, and synchronize qualities via your LMS gradebook.

For students, single sign-on offers accessibility to all the personalized finding out sources that make studying even more efficient and efficient.

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*Keep in mind that LMS integration is obtainable only for Modified Mastering Physics.

Imagine the influence of first-day accessibility on your course

Offering course content via the Pearchild Inclusive Access model deserve to aid students attain more by giving affordable, high-quality digital course products on or prior to the first day of class. Since all students have actually accessibility by day one, faculty have the right to begin teaching and students deserve to start discovering. Learn even more about Inclusive Access.

Everypoint you need in an easy-to-use format

Mastering gives a wealthy and also versatile collection of pre-constructed courses and assignments to obtain you started conveniently. These assets deserve to be used as is or customized to fit your particular teaching requirements. The Calendar View on the course home page displays upcoming assignments and also due days, so you can easily stay arranged. Questions are currently straightforward to modify and delete for assignments and also courses.

A powerful gradebook & analytics

The Mastering gradebook records all scores for graded assignments. Struggling students and complicated assignments are highlighted in red, providing you an at-a-glance view of potential hurdles in the course. The durable diagnostics within Mastering administer distinct understanding - through a solitary click, you have the right to watch charts that summarize the the majority of difficult difficulties, recognize vulnerable students, and also show grade circulation and score advancement.

Learning Catalytics offers every student a voice

With Learning Catalytics™, you"ll hear from eextremely student when it matters many. You pose a selection of questions that aid students recontact ideas, apply concepts, and construct critical-thinking abilities. Your students respond utilizing their very own smartphones, taballows, or laptop computers. Watch a video and learn even more.

Wrong-answer feedago personalized for each student

Using data gathered from all of the students making use of the regime, Mastering uses wrong-answer feedago that is particular to each student. Rather than ssuggest providing feedback of the "right/wrong/attempt again" variety, Mastering guides students towards the correct last answer without providing the answer amethod.

Hints that offer clear guidance to students

Mastering gives clues of 2 forms that aid students occupational with, and also inevitably solve, troubles. Declarative hints provide advice on just how to approach the trouble, guiding students to the last answer. Socratic hints break a trouble dvery own into smaller sub-difficulties, which renders it much easier for students to complete the original problem.

Dynamic, best-in-class content

Mastering is continually enhancing based upon information produced through classroom use, bring about content that is driven by the performance of actual students. We make corrections to improve problems that have ambiguous answer options, ineffectual detractors, or tricky language, and continue to strengthen each trouble via ongoing review of the data produced by Mastering students.

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