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Experienced tutor in SAT prep, math, English

$35 / h 151 ratings 0 miles

I am an competent tutor who is easily accessible to job-related via students either one-on-one or in small groups. I take an individual interemainder in each student"s progress and tailor the lessons according to the needs of the individual. For SAT prep, I focus on strategies and also test-taking skills, and also practice and also explanations via actual experimentation material. I am able to teach and also review math skills and operations, and also English grammar, vocabulary, and also reading understanding certain to the SAT.... Read even more



Physics/Math/CS and also fun through Virtual Reality!

$50 / h 40 miles

I"ve remained in education and learning for 12 years currently, having taught all age groups. I wanted to end up being a teacher bereason I struggled a lot via ADHD in high institution and also college, however lastly controlled to focus it into productive studying and also by the moment I was in grad institution I wanted to aid various other students, regardless of whatever before reasons them obstacle.I have actually a teaching certification in Maryland in Physics and Math, an pfinishing certification in NY for Physics and Math, and also an expired NC certification in gen... Read more



Patient and also Effective Chemistry and Biology Tutor

$25 / h 10 ratings 25 miles

I"m Gavin! I have over 5 years of tutoring experience in biology and chemistry. I graduated from Hartwick College in 2015 via a bachelor"s level in biology with summa cum laude honors. I am now a PhD candiday at the College of Rochester School of Medicine. My tutoring strategy is based on each individual student"s finding out style and background. I hope to make learning a fun and enriching environment by not just giving answers to concerns, however exercise problems and activities that ... Read more


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NYS certified in Chemistry, Physics, Planet Science & Gen. Sci.

$50 / h 28 miles

I have actually 30 years of suffer as a full-time, tenured, permanently certified educator in NYS in the areas of Chemisattempt, Physics, Planet Science and also basic Science. I have actually been tutoring students one-on-one from assorted colleges for the past 10 years.I am currently accepting students for the 2015-2016 institution year in my location of certification and region of New York State.... Read more



NYS certified chemistry teacher easily accessible for individualized tutoring

$35 / h 20 miles

I have a B.S. in Chemisattempt from SUNY Geneseo. I made the decision to research chemisattempt bereason I have a sincere interemainder in expertise the world around us. The scientific research of chemistry enables us to examine and also obtain expertise of the human being about us on the smallest, atomic, level. I"ve spent some time teaching this good subject as a NYS certified public institution teacher, and also was able to help my students construct better appreciation and expertise of it. In chemisattempt, I have actually discovered that a visual... Read even more


Former Physics Major Now Obtaining Masters in Biology

$25 / h 1 rating 15 miles

Hello, I"m Anthony, although I go by Bobby. I graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelors in Biomedical Science, and also am currently attending graduate school at the State University of New York at Brockport for a Masters in Biology. I started out as a physics major at RIT which offered me an excellent background via top level mathematics courses as well as physics coursework-related. I found lessons easier to comprehfinish when offered actual people examples to provide topics meaning, and... Read more


A Personal Tutor through You in Mind

$75 / h 22 ratings 5 miles

Hello everyone!My name is Stephen P. and also I graduated summa cum laude from the College of Rochester (Majors: Brain & Cognitive Science and also Biology; Minors: Amerideserve to Sign Language and Psychology). Right now, I am an enrolled clinical student at the University of Rochester. I market very efficient, individual tutoring either in perchild or virtual. My goal is to aid you reach your full potential by learning at a pace that is best for you.Over the past few years I have effectively tutored bo... Read more


Veteran Regents Chemistry/Living Environment Teacher

$50 / h 20 miles

I am certified in Biology, Chemistry and General Science 7-12. As a current teacher via twenty years experience, I have actually taught Regents Biology, Regents Chemistry and Forensics. My students say my greatest assets are my knowledge level, passion for the subject and my capability to explain clinical principles on a simple to understand also and also applicable level. They likewise say, that I never give up and I continually give them the confidence to be academically effective. They praise my many type of various stra... Read even more


Postdoctoral Scholar who loves to teach

$70 / h 20 miles

Hi tright here, my name is Mike, and I am a 2011 graduate of SUNY Cortland. I was a double significant in Chemisattempt and also Biology. After I graduated I got a task as a research technician in the Raguso Lab at Cornell University. In the summer of 2012 I began functioning on my PhD at Cornell University in Dr. Charles Linn"s Lab studying the chemical ecology of the grape berry moth. I earned my PhD in December 2017, and also took a task as a Postdoctoral Scholar in Dr. Tom Baker"s lab at Penn State, researching assorted... Read even more


Algebra I, II, Chemistry

$40 / h 1 rating 20 miles

I am originally from Southeastern Pennsylvania, West Chester, PA., and also moved to Rochester in 1970 after graduating from college. I have actually three married daughters and many type of grandyoungsters. I majored in both Chemistry and also Math bereason I appreciated them. I checked out Temple Univ., Philadelphia, wbelow I learned Chemical Engineering Technology, and also then checked out West Chester Univ. wright here I learned liberal arts Chemisattempt and Math. In Rochester, I worked for Olin Chemical on McKee Rd. in the organic study la... Read more