Cengage Learning is pleased to announce the publication of Debora Katz's ground-breaking calculus-based physics program, PHYSICS FOR SCIENTISTS AND ENGINEERS: FOUNDATIONS AND CONNECTIONS. The author's one-of-a-type case examine strategy allows students to connect mathematical formalism and physics principles in a modern, interenergetic way. By leveraging physics education and learning research study (PER) finest methods and her extensive classroom experience, Debora Katz addresses the areas students battle through the most: linking physics to the actual world, overcoming common preconceptions, and connecting the concept being taught and also the mathematical measures to follow.How Dr. Katz encounters these challenges--via instance researches, student dialogues, and also in-depth two-column examples--distinguishes this text from any type of other on the market and will assist you in taking your students "past the quantitative."

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Katz earned her PhD in Astrophysics from University of Minnesota, one of the height PER programs in the nation. She has been active in the PER area and has attended multiple conferences to learn how to better incorporate innovative pedagogies right into the classroom. She has successfully done so in an extremely standard atmosphere at the Naval Academy, wbelow she is a tenured professor. She is an energetic researcher who regularly functions via undergraduate students.

Student dialogues attend to preconceptions. Dr. Katz supplies student preconceptions (or misconceptions) as building blocks toward correct expertise, showing students the link in between their notions and the true physical ethics. Preconceptions are primarily addressed by dialogues between fictional students that enable readers to uncover their preconceptions without a sense of failure.Readability. Many textbooks were originally created for previous generations of students. Although these textpublications have actually been updated for content, today"s students don"t find them readable. This book was written to be readable without compromising content, because students are willing and also able to review a book they find engaging.Case-examine approach urges students and provides abstract ideas concrete. Case researches, many kind of based on real-human being experiences such as news items and historical occasions, attract readers right into the story of physics and make principles understandable. The case researches are presented and rewent to throughout the chapters in interenergetic principle exercises, examples, and end-of-chapter difficulties. This distinctive case study method makes abstract physics ideas concrete and bridges the formal language and also mathematics of physics via crucial principles.Integration via Enhanced WebAsauthorize. Enhanced WebAssign combines outstanding physics content with the a lot of effective virtual homework-related solution, WebAsauthorize. Enhanced WebAsauthorize engages students with simulation-based PreLecture Exploration exercises, case-study tutorials, stepped out interactive remedies, and a completely customizable eBook. This durable suite of assets willhelp students construct a deeper conceptual knowledge of their topic matter.Two-column format for examples and also derivations connects mathematical formalism and also physics concepts. Two-column examples and also derivations usage graphics to clearly framework the qualitative reasoning and quantitative steps behind a problem, helping students make relations between the concept being taught and also the mathematical measures to follow. It"s like having actually an instructor in the text: in one column he or she explains the idea, and in the various other he or she mirrors the formal mathematical steps that can be created on a classroom board.
PART III: ELECTRICITY.23. Electric Forces.24. Electric Fields.25. Gauss"s Law.26. Electric Potential.27. Capacitors and also Batteries.28. Current and Resistance.29. Direct Current (DC) Circuits.PART IV: MAGNETISM.30. Magnetic Fields and Forces.31. Gauss"s Law for Magnetism and Ampere"s Law.32. Faraday"s Law of Induction.33. Inductors and also AC Circuits.34. Maxwell"s Equations and also Electromagnetic Waves.PART V: LIGHT.35. Diffractivity and Interference.36. Applications of the Wave Model.37. Reflection and Imperiods Formed by Reflection.38. Refraction and Imperiods Formed by Refraction.PART VI: 20TH CENTURY PHYSICS.39. Relativity.Appendix A. Mathematics.Appendix B. Reference Tables.Answers to Concept Exercises and Odd-Numbered Problems and also Questions.

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