Physics And Engineering Double Major offers a five-year dual level in physics and also design for students who wish to get undergraduate degrees in both majors. The dual level differs from the typical double major program, in which students obtain a solitary diploma at graduation. Upon effective completion of the dual degree, students are awarded 2 diplomas: a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in physics with the used scientific research track and a Bachelor of Science (B.S.E.). in engineering scientific researches through a concentration in mechanical engineering, products science, computer system engineering, or electrical engineering. The B.S.E. is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.

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Throughout the duration of the five-year dual-degree regimen, students take courses in physics, engineering, math, and chemistry, and also fulfill core demands (view sample course schedule for the dual degreein mechanical design (pre-Class of 2024 or Class of 2024 and also later) or electric engineering). Modifications are feasible from the sample schedule. This regimen allows students to get the technological education that just a linked physics and also design education and learning deserve to administer. Students obtain mastery in topics consisting of physics and design tools, materials science, solid mechanics, and also quantum mechanics, complemented by the Jesuit, liberal arts heritage of the scholastic suffer, providing students the best of both educational departments and also a well-rounded education and learning.

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For students who enroll yet select not to proceed through the dual degree in physics and also engineering, an “departure option” is obtainable. Students that choose the leave option will still be eligible and on pace to get a B.S. in physics from in 4 years (watch course schedule for the “departure option” (pre-class of 2024 or Class of 2024 and also later)).

Due to the intensive nature of this routine, interested students should consult via their academic advisors or the chairs of the physics and design departments as soon as possible in their academic studies.



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