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How Double Majors Can Ruin Your Life: Two Arguments for Doing LessSeptember 27th, 2010 · 88 comments


The Overwork Ethic

I newly obtained an e-mail from a freshguy at the Illinois Institute of Technology. It began: “I’m trying to follow your advice and also prevent killer semesters, but it seems sort of hard.”

He then thorough his crowded course schedule, which included electrical engineering, physics, computer system science, and an organic chemisattempt class, the last of which he described as “hellish,” bereason it had a time-consuming lab in enhancement to regular trouble sets.

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“I know that on your website and stuff it states prevent doing shit like this,” he admitted, “but I’m not really certain what to carry out.

This last line perplexed me.

If a student claims he “doesn’t understand what to do” about a hard course schedule, you might expect he needs the courses to complete his significant and also graduate on time, or possibly to accomplish the requirements of a graduate regimen. Clat an early stage, but, physics, computer system scientific research, and also organic chemisattempt can’t all be component of the exact same significant or routine prerequisites. Additionally, this student was in the first semester of his freshguy year: how might he possibly be feeling crmodify push already?

When I dug deeper, it turned out that he had no specific reason to be taking those classes. In truth, as he later on admitted, he arrived on college through a ton of AP credits, and also might, if he so chose, coastline to graduation early without ever before taking a difficult semester.

The genuine factor for his killer course pack was that he was considering moving colleges, and also felt, via an unwondered about certainty, that doing even more was vital for standing out. “I guess that having a schedule choose this looks more impressive on my carry apps,” he said

The principle that killer schedules are essential to be outstanding was so deeply ingrained in this student that the principle of simplifying his course load never crossed his mind as an option.

This attitude is a trouble that we need to fix before we can make progress via the Romantic Scholar approach to student life, as it’s near difficult to uncover fulfillment in your institution work-related once you’re constantly struggling to keep up with an overwhelming load.

To convince you to perform less, yet, I have to initially convince you that doing more is not a reasonable alternative…

The Standard Model of Student Impressiveness

Here’s the design of impressiveness that the majority of students believe to be true:

Let’s call this the standard model of student impressiveness. Here’s why it’s important: A survey performed last year by the Amerideserve to College Health Association reports that 39 percent of college students felt hopemuch less throughout the school year, 25 percent felt depressed, and also 47 percent proficient overwhelming stress and anxiety. (See David Leibow’s recent Huffington Post post for even more details on the research.)

The conventional version of impressiveness defines these statistics. It leads students to a allude wbelow their course load is also a lot to take care of, yet they believe that anything less cripples their chances of a good life. This is the type of conundrum that can drive a 19-year-old into some dangerous mental waters.

The good news is that the typical version is flawed. I want to current two debates that assistance this insurance claim — each attacking a different attach in the conventional model’s chain of implication.

Argument #1: Hard Schedules Do Not Generate More Impressiveness

The first implication in the traditional version says that tough schedules, both academic and extracurricular, make you more exceptional to the exterior human being. As I’ve been suggesting for years right here on Study Hacks, this idea is a myth. (Without a doubt, my most recent book, How to Be a High School Superstar, have the right to be check out an extensive discussion for why doing more is a destructive strategy for college adgoals.)

If you’re unfamiliar with my past composing, here’s the major thesis: human being are more impressed by your capacity to be a star at one point than they are by your ability to juggle numerous tough things. Ability rules. No one cares about your diligence.

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Here are some previous write-ups that detail this argument:

Argument #2: Deferring Delight is an Addictive Habit

Let’s now take into consideration the final implication in the conventional model, which states that landing an exciting project or graduate school possibility will certainly cause an enjoyable life. This is the the majority of vital attach in the chain, as, inevitably, the point of all this experiencing now is so you deserve to live a far better life later (otherwise, what’s the point of any kind of of this?).

Here’s wright here things obtain tricky. As I defined in my current open letter to students, the halittle of deferring happiness deserve to be tough to shake. If you take on this technique as a student, it becomes substantially even more challenging to drop it as soon as you’ve gotten in the functioning human being and the pressures of recognition mount. In a previous post, I dubbed this the competence trap, and I argued it’s one of the a lot of dangerous obstacles between many ambitious young human being and also a exceptional life.

The most efficient way to bypass this hazard is to start practicing, prior to you enter the functioning human being, a mindset that says: My happiness and also satisfaction through life is a non-negotiable requirement; everything else I do must work backwards from this conviction. The simplest means to exercise this perspective is to refuse the college as a trial to survive perspective while still a student: take on a sustainable course load, and exercise standing out while still preserving a feeling of autonomy and time affluence.

Put an additional way: If tacking on a time-consuming extra significant, or leading 6 clubs, is at the core of your strategy for being superior, find a different strategy. Notice, I’m not saying that you have to offer up on being superior — on the contrary, I’m saying that you must guy (or woman) up about what methods you’ll toleprice for achieving this goal. This is what separates the remarkable from the achieved.

If you grasp this perspective while in high school, college, or graduate college, you won’t just be more happy in the time of these student years, however you’ll most likely significantly boost the full amount of happiness you suffer over your whole life.

In various other words, doing much less is not simply about impressing employers, or avoiding a sophoeven more slump, it have the right to be the foundation of a life well-lived. This is why our exploration of the Romantic Scholar strategy to student life starts with this basic concept: it’s the foundation on which everything else will certainly be built.


This short article is the second in my series on the Romantic Scholar strategy to student life, which details a collection of methods to transform school from a trial to survive into the foundation of a life well-lived. Roughly eexceptionally other short article on Study Hacks in the close to future will certainly be dedicated to this series.