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Available to all Seattle campus undergraduates, the Center for Learning and also Undergraduate Enrichment (CLUE) is the biggest totally free tutoring routine at the UW. We carry out tutoring for Math, Chemistry, Physics, Writing, Biology, Economics, Statistics, and also Computer Science & Engineering. 

CLUE tutoring is even more than a source you can access once you"re struggling in a class; it"s a welcoming, inclusive space for students to attach, ask inquiries around miscellaneous topics, prepare for exams, and have support on homeoccupational. We know that the online area does not always feel supportive and also it have the right to be tough to want to engage virtual. But our peer tutors make tutoring fun through assorted devices to assist you feel sustained, all while having actually their camperiods on so you understand exactly who you are functioning via.

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CLUE inhas a tendency to be operating in perkid and also basically in the Fall 2021 quarter. We will be adhering to the guidelines UW has for COVID-19, and will update our website if anything transforms.


CLUE gives an area for all students to be had, challenged, and also sustained in their educational journey. We intend that tutors and also students afavor enter right into this space via respect for one one more and treat others with kindness.

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Drop-In Virtual Tutoring

highlight_off Drop-in is presently closed.See below for hours.


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Available now for Writing, Physics, Chemisattempt, Math, Biology, Econ, and also Stats! 

Please limit your scheduling to 2 appointments per day, per subject. We are presently operating at decreased capactiy and would prefer to support all students seeking resources. At CLUE, we likewise want to encourage you to separately learn exterior of your tutoring sessions. You are welcome to schedule appointments in advancement yet we ask that you only make 2 appointments per day, per subject. Thank you! If you have actually any kind of questions around this, please email clue

Discussion Sessions & Exam Reviews

There are no conversation sessions and also exam reviews for Summer quarter. Check ago in the Fall!

These encompass courses exterior of our primary topic areas. Check to check out if your course is listed! More will certainly be added throughout the quarter.

Updates & Cancellations

CLUE is presently closed for the Summer quarter however will open up aobtain in perkid in Mary Gates Hall and essentially September 30th, 2021.