Petroleum engineering manager salary

Pretty much every table of ‘work via the finest salaries’ is topped by Engineer. People living in claims wealthy through and also enriched by oil know all around the oil man’s way of life, yet others roughly the country can not be so acquainted with the rewards the task offers – both psychological and also monetary.

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Why are Engineers so well paid? Engineers are the ones that determine just how to extract oil from the ground. The methods that they create for extracting oil from all sorts of wells determines specifically how practical a particular oil well will certainly be for the oil firm. They likewise spfinish time devising ways to make older wells more fertile in the amount of oil that they create.

This web page uses clear, simple Engineering salary data On this web page we’ve gathered as much helpful information as feasible regarding compensation and also bonuses nationwide and on a state level.

Total compensation is very high due to the truth that the engineer can have actually a huge influence on a company’s profitability.


SPE Salary Survey: Executive Engineering Compensation – Other Useful Info

SPE Salary Survey: Executive Summary

Eincredibly year the Society of Engineers surveys its members and also produces a report about the present state of compensation in the oil industry.

The figures for 2015 (the last year through complete data) were extensively good, though reduced bonsupplies were paid (not surprising, provided the low oil price).

The average total compensation (base salary plus bonuses) was $206,020.Almost 60% of the Engineers in the survey reported an increase in base pay.The average bonus dropped from practically $58,000 in 2014 to simply under $53,000 in 2015 (still virtually a year’s salary in a lot of professions).The USA was the area through the highest total compensation.

Total Compensation by Job Classification (USA)

2015 Salary + Bonus
Executive/Top Management$429,052
Professional/Individual Contributor$201,605
Technician/Specialist/Support Staff$154,651

Note: 2015 is the latest year we have specific data for.

Highest Paying States for Engineering

Texas tops the list of best paying says with an average of about $164k. The average salary of engineers in the top 10 claims all pay well over $130k.


The following chart reflects the greatest salary in states with even more than 200 engineering jobs.


Of the says with fewer than 200 work, Washington ($141,500) Alabama ($140, 490) and also Michigan ($134,050) observed the greatest salaries paid.

The adhering to table shows the top 10 states with the greatest design salaries.

RankStates# of JobsMonthly SalaryAnnual Salary

As you deserve to view, Texas leads the means in all metrics.

Compared to data from a couple of years ago, the average nationwide is higher and also while some says like Oklahoma have actually slipped dvery own the list, the trend is towards better salaries in a higher variety of states.

A full version of this table (with 26 states) is best dvery own at the bottom of this page.

Job Outlook for Oil and Gas Engineers

Employment in design is intended to thrive 10% by 2024. This is comfortably more than the price of all tasks, and considerably above equivalent design disciplines.

Note: this table provides the most newly accessible information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Percentage Change in Engineering Employment, Projected 2012-2022
Employment, 201435,100
Projected Employment, 202248,400
Expected Employment Difference:3,400
Percent Change:10%
Total, All occupations7%
Industrial Engineers1%
Aeroarea Engineers-2%
Materials Engineers1%

The last few entries in that table display some various other design jobs – compared to which, engineering not just pays much better yet will have vastly higher expansion in job opportunities.

States via the Highest Number of Employed Engineers

The following table shows the number of designers employed in various claims, plus a comparikid through the ranmajesties in 2012. Texas and also Louisiana lost a few engineering work, while Oklahoma, The golden state and also Coloracarry out added a couple of thousand also.

10New Mexico400

P.E. Salary by Percentile

These values assist us to get beyond founding salary and headline salary levels and gain a actual picture of the spread of salaries in this industry. Take the first worth – 10% of employees in this market earn 74,880 or much less – interpretation that 90% of workers earn even more than that.

At the start of your career, the average beginning salary for engineers will certainly be a lot closer to the 10th and 2fifth percentiles. As you obtain experience and become a manager, you have the right to expect to earn a salary well right into the 75th and also 90th percentiles.

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This data doesn’t incorporate bonsupplies.

Hourly Wage$36.00$47.78$62.49$88.97>$90.00
Annual Salary$74,880$99,390$129,990$185,050>$187,200
Change from 2012-120+1490-350+1550=

Highest Paying P.E. Industries

As one would certainly intend, the optimal paying sector in the engineering market is firm monitoring, through miscellaneous specialist technical roles making up the majority of of the peak paying functions. Oil and gas extractivity comes in with a healthy average yearly salary of $156,990.

RankIndustries# of JobsHourly WageAnnual Salary
1Company Management4,200$82.53 $171,670
2Architectural, Engineering, and Related Services1,900$79.46$165,270
3Management, Scientific and Related Services1,090$79.40 $165,150
4Scientific Research and also Developmental Services760$78.95 $164,210
5Oil and Gas Extraction13,560$75.48 $156,990

Highest Paying Metropolitan Areas for P.E.

To no-one’s surpclimb, the peak paying urban cities are mostly situated in Texas. Dallas, Plano, and Irving have an unified average salary of $176,900. That is in the peak 75th percentile of engineering salaries.

Dropping out of the optimal 10 since 2012 were Oklahoma City, College Station (Texas), Virginia, Arlington, Tulsa (Oklahoma), and also Oxnard (California).

The 10th placed salary is more than $5,000 greater than in the previous data collection.

RankMetropolitan Areas# of JobsHourly WageAnnual Salary
1 (7)Texas: Houston, Sugar Land also, Baytown10,810$83.31$173,290
2 (-)Colorado: Denver, Aurora, Lakewood1,460$81.81$170,170
3 (1)Texas: Dallas, Plano, Irving1,430$80.22$166,860
4 (-1)Mississippi: Jacksonn/a$78.34$162,950
5 (=)Alaska: Anchorage510$75.97$158,020
6 (-)Texas: Midland1,670$75.51$157,070
7 (10)Texas: Austin, Round Rock, San Marcos230$75.14$156,280
8 (-)Colorado: Greeleyn/a$74.31$154,560
9 (4)Texas: Ft Worth, Arlington580$74.04$154,010
10 (-)Louisiana: New Orleans-Metairie830$72.67$151,160

Highest Paying Non-Metropolitan Areas for P.E.

Surprisingly, there are non-metropolitan locations that pay almost simply as well as metropolitan cities despite the lower expense of living. This is typically to compensate for relocation and also to provide catalyst to designers to job-related in much less populated places. Topping the list, the average annual salary in beautiful Northeast Oklahoma is $154,300.

RankNon-Metropolitan Areas# of JobsHourly WageAnnual Salary
1 (-)Northeastern Oklahoma450$74.18$154,300
2 (-)Northwest Colorado60$72.93$151,700
3 (4)Northwestern Oklahoma470$62.99$131,030
4 (-)Alaska regions330$62.87$130,780
5 (-)Southeastern Oklahoma220$62.87$130,770

Note: for a meaning of ‘Alaska regions’ look for ‘Balance of Alaska’ here.

Usual Starting Salary through a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree

When a prospective student looks at a career, becoming a engineer is most likely among the greatest beginning salaries of any kind of profession. Not only does this field pay extremely well compared to others, yet the project industry looks to reprimary stable in 2016 and in the close to future. design beginning salary via a bachelor’s degree is going to pay on average $75,000 and also $95,000 depending on the agency and place. This is among the ideal founding salaries that a college graduate can hope to acquire and it looks to remain solid for the close to future.

A allude in the favor of new joiners to the industry is the impfinishing retirement of more senior engineers. This will certainly add to the shortage of designers, and also will inevitably drive up starting salaries to well over $100,000 to lure prospective students. This is why the Bureau of Labor Statistics approximates that the number of engineers will grow 26% over the next decade.

A student with a master’s level can suppose to make an even better design salary. A master’s level will be required for many study jobs in the market. These careers are going to be even more to begin out because it is a specialty that is specific to the market. It has been estimated that the typical start salary for a engineer via a master’s level will be even more than $94,000 per year. With the bigger oil service providers, many type of also begin through 6-number income. Comparing that to various other engineering specialties and also it becomes noticeable that getting a job on the front lines of the sector is going to be one of the even more lucrative career selections that a student have the right to make.

Usual Mid-Career Salary and also Potential Max Salary engineers are going to gain paid at a greater and better price as they prove themselves with the course of their career. Each year the pay is going to be increased to a much more substantial level. Those that are working via just a bachelor’s level are going to be on a reduced pay range as they learn to use math and also science to construct economical services to every one of the technical troubles of drilling for oil in a safe and effective manner.

As a engineer works for a couple of years and also has actually a prstove track record of success, their annual salary with a bachelor’s degree is going to be well right into the six figures and also have the right to differ depending on the success and experience that they have actually.

For a engineer through a master’s degree that is functioning in the study percent of the sector, the compensation deserve to be all over between $150, 000 and also $200,000 yearly per year. This provides the engineering job among the ideal compensated.

When you think about the kinds of decisions and approaches that are being emerged every year by engineers, it is no wonder that this is the situation. The even more successfully that oil can be drilled for, the more profit tright here is for the firm that they occupational for. The salaries that engineers get, pays off for the oil agency many kind of times over as they are able to drill for more oil and perform it in a manner that prices less and also is more efficient all roughly.

Salary of Engineers from Top Companies Engineering is amazing and lucrative and tright here is good demand for those that have the right to endure the schooling. There are many type of providers in the market that are hiring consisting of locations like:

Engineer Measurement is another firm that functions for the oil market assisting in hydrocarbon measurement operations around the civilization. These talented human being aid discover the reservoirs of oil around the civilization and help recognize the ideal manner in which to extract the oil, what agency controls the legal rights and also the application of market standards to the procedure. These designers are making sure that all is ethical and safe. This firm is situated in New Orleans, Louisiana. Engineering Compensation – Other Useful Info

All students that have actually an interemainder in design need to take the time to investigate ending up being a engineer. There is an chance to job-related on emerging new products for the oil market. The designers spend time seeking out the exact deindicators that will certainly be the majority of effective in expense and also feature to complete the drilling process. These human being are not just going to make more money for oil carriers yet they are going to save the conditions as safe as feasible. Beyond this, a engineer may also spend their time working in experimentation, manufacturing and also maintenance. This is another huge factor in making the process more profitable as the existing operations are kept and also maintained at their top performance producing a safer atmosphere.

These are some of many reasons why carriers offer competitive and high paying engineering salaries to the few that are qualified. If you are one of those, intend to be well-compensated.

Full List of Engineering Salary and also Number of Jobs by State

This table reflects all the salary and employment information for the many recent financial year – usage it to acquire an principle of what salary you have the right to earn in each state, exactly how many kind of work you might discover tbelow – simply remember to element in the various prices of living in each state. 130k in Utah could go also better than 160k in Texas.

RankState# of JobsMonthly SalaryAnnual Salary
13North Dakota170$10,420$125,040
14West Virginia250$10,171$122,050
22New Mexico400$9,067$108,800
26New Jersey300n/an/a

Below you will discover a complete list of Engineering Salary by State. Keep in mind that not all says are noted because of the reality that not every one of them have actually tasks for engineers. Feel complimentary to sort the table in any kind of way to much better view the information. The salaries shown are the a lot of existing, and also the table is updated on an annual basis.

Median Engineering Salary by State

StatesWage (Hour)Wage (Week)Salary (Month)Salary (Year)
Alabama (AL)$62.36$2,494$10,808$129,700
Alaska (AK)$77.07$3,083$13,358$160,300
Arizona (AZ)$58.08$2,323$10,067$120,800
Arkansas (AR)$61.06$2,442$10,583$127,000
California (CA)$58.89$2,356$10,208$122,500
Coloraperform (CO)$69.23$2,769$12,000$144,000
Kansas (KS)$74.62$2,985$12,933$155,200
Louisiana (LA)$64.13$2,565$11,117$133,400
Michigan (MI)$55.29$2,212$9,583$115,000
Mississippi (MS)$59.18$2,367$10,258$123,100
Montana (MT)$47.79$1,912$8,283$99,400
New Mexico (NM)$43.85$1,754$7,600$91,200
Ohio (OH)$57.12$2,285$9,900$118,800
Oklahoma (OK)$72.64$2,906$12,592$151,100
Pennsylvania (PA)$53.03$2,121$9,192$110,300
Texas (TX)$76.59$3,063$13,275$159,300
Utah (UT)$43.03$1,721$7,458$89,500
Virginia (VA)$73.61$2,944$12,758$153,100
Washington (WA)$65.29$2,612$11,317$135,800
West Virginia (WV)$52.36$2,094$9,075$108,900
Wyoming (WY)$53.99$2,160$9,358$112,300

Source: The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS); Currency in US Dollars (USD) if not stated