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In The Outer Worlds, completing optional side quests is a great means to pick up some extra equipment and also endure. This side pursuit, The Frightened Engineer, is simple to miss out on. However before, completing it gives you a unique armor mod, so it’s worth ensuring you complete it prior to you head out from the initially settlement, Edgewater.

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Finding Thomas Kemp, the frightened engineer

You’ll have to go to the Botanical Gardens as component of the major pursuit. Once you’re tright here via your first companion, Parvati, she’ll cite a particular man out to you. He’s standing beside the workbench at the deserter nest.

Thomas Kemp offers the Frightened Engineer side search. Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division by means of alwaei.com Parvati will certainly point Thomas Kemp out — they provided to be friends earlier at the cannery. Talk to Thomas. After experimenting all conversation choices, he’ll admit that he’s been lying to his fellow deserters. He’s faking being an engineer, however he can’t engineer at all! Luckily, you have a solution: Why not learn?

Kemp will ask you to retrieve 3 Engineering Volumes: 01, 02, and 03, each of which is component of an design tutorial series.

He knows wbelow the first two are, and also they’ll be marked on your map. You’ll be able to head right to the wayallude for the initially 2 Engineering Volumes and also collect them in the Emerald Vale Community Center and also the Edgewater Cannery without any kind of troubles. However, Kemp doesn’t understand where Engineering Volume 03 is. You can revolve the quantities in individually, yet if you revolve all 3 in, you get an extra reward.

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The finish search window reflecting the Frightened Engineer’s steps. Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division by means of alwaei.com

Engineering Volume 03 location

By talking to your companion Parvati and checking all terminals within the Edgewater Cannery, you have the right to find a pair of clues that lead you toward the destination of the last mechanical design journal — Engineering Volume 03 . However before, the many essential clue is inside the Geothermal Power Plant.

Enter the geothermal plant, and also head to the receptionist’s desk automatically on your ideal. The receptionist’s desk has actually a terminal through a log discussing the Young Spacer’s Guide to Mechanical Engineering, saying that they took the volume to the repair bay.

The Repair Bay in the geothermal plant has actually your following clue Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division by means of alwaei.com Once you’re in the repair bay, you’ll discover an additional note. Someone has actually borrowed the volume and also taken it dvery own to The Pit. Luckily, this is straightforward to find. You desire to head to the absolute bottom floor, going down the spiral structure in the middle of the stairinstance.

You’ll fulfill Higgins, and also you have the right to talk to him around what taken place at the geothermal plant. The last volume is close to his bed, and you deserve to collect it — Higgins won’t speak you.

“The pit” consists of Higgins and the datapad. Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division by means of alwaei.com Upon taking all three quantities ago to Kemp, he’ll thank you and also provide you the Electro-Charged Surface, which you can use at a workbench. You’ll additionally obtain some Deserter reputation for your excellent deed.