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Beginning in Fall 2022, the Engineering-Mechanical Engineering, Master of Engineering will certainly be obtainable Online.

The Master of Engineering (MENG) via a focus in Mechanical Engineering is a non-thesis skilled degree that will help you advancement your career objectives. We offer two specializations in Mechanical Engineering: Thermal-Fluid Sciences and Solid Mechanics.

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As you probably recognize already, Mechanical Engineering is a vast field that is necessary to many type of markets. Applying math and physics to style, analyze and build mechanical components and also systems prefer automobiles, power plants, robots, and also spacecraft are just some of the applications of this degree. Our regimen prepares you for experienced practice via a broad, applied education and learning throughout 2 specializations in Mechanical Engineering: thermal-liquid sciences and solid mechanics. You will have the opportunity to boost and/or develop the abilities, knowledge, and understanding that are crucial to today’s practicing engineers.

With additionally education and learning, one of these routes is possible:Aeroarea engineerSustaincapability engineerEngineering consultantField engineer

University Requirements

To receive a master’s degree at Northern Arizona College, you have to finish a planned team of courses from one or more topic areas, consisting of at leastern 30 units of graduate-level courses. (Many type of master’s level programs need more than 30 systems.)You must better complete:

All requirements for your particular scholastic plan(s). This might encompass a thesis.All graduate occupational with a cumulative grade suggest average of at least 3.0.


In addition to University Requirements:

Complete individual arrangement needs.

Minimum Units for Completion30
More Admission RequirementsAdmission demands over and above admission to are compelled.

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Fieldwork-related Experience/InternshipOptional
ResearchIndividualized research study may be required by chosen focus or available as an option.
More Fees/Program FeesRequired
Progression Plan LinkView Program of Study
Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate PlanOptional

Purpose StatementThe MEng in mechanical engineering trains students to come to be designers who are capable of finding options to facility mechanical and interdisciplinary design difficulties. This regimen is designed for students through a Bachelor’s level in Mechanical Engineering or in a connected area. Students in this program will have actually the opportunity to take courses and also percreate a practice-oriented design project in topics ranging from renewable energy to smart products and frameworks to biomechanics to robotics. Students will be trained in advanced used math, computational devices in design, evaluating of the literary works in mechanical design, developing facility mechanical engineering units or components, and also connecting mechanical design theories, methodologies, and options. Graduates of this routine will certainly be well prepared to job-related in a large selection of markets, consisting of yet not limited to aeroroom, automotive, production, bioclinical, and so on., or seek better education. Student Learning OutcomesStudents will:Solve, analyze, evaluate, and analyze outcomes to complicated mechanical design problems.Analyze and critically evaluate information from the clinical literature on mechanical design.Apply mechanical design principles and devices to a considerable architecture job in mechanical design.Demonstprice the ability to communicate effectively mechanical engineering theories and methodologies.


Additional Admission RequirementsAdmission requirements over and over admission to are compelled.Undergraduate level from a regionally acattributed institutionGrade Point Average(GPA) of 3.00 (range is 4.00 = "A"), or the indistinguishable.Admission to many type of graduate programs is on a competitive basis, and also programs might have higher criteria than those established by the Graduate College.Transcripts

Individual routine admission requirements include:

GRE® revised General Test3 letters of recommendationPersonal statement or essayMaster"s Requirements

This Master’s degree needs 30 devices dispersed as follows:

Applied Mathematics Course Selection: 3 unitsEngineering Management Course Selection: 3 unitsComputational Techniques Course Selection: 3 unitsCoursejob-related in Mechanical Engineering or other areas, as approved: 15 unitsSelect from the following: 6 unitsPractice-oriented projectElectives selected via advisory committee’s approval

Take the adhering to 30 units:

Coursejob-related in applied mathematics with your advisory committee's approval. Examples incorporate courses indirect algebra, partial differential equations, or applied mathematics modeling (3 units)Coursework in mechanical engineering with your advisor's approval. Up to 6 units external of mechanical engineering, in a related engineering or interdisciplinary field, are permitted right here. (18-21units)Select from (3-6 units):Up to 6 units of an optional practice-oriented project, emerged and also performed under your advisor's approval, concentrated on a difficulty of interemainder to the practicing engineering community (3-6 units) Or

Be aware that some courses may have actually prerequisites that you need to also take. For prerequisite information click the course or check out your advisor.


Program fees are established by the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR). A regime fee of $900 per year has actually been apconfirmed for this routine.

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