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Nonlinear Solid Mechanics a Continuum Approach for Engineering Gerhard A. Holzapfel Graz University of Technology, Austria With a contemporary, comprehensive technique directed in the direction of computational mechanics, this book covers a distinctive combination of topics at present unavailable in any other message. It consists of crucial information on "variational principles" constituting the cornerstamong the finite element strategy. In fact this is the only technique whereby Nondirect Solid Mechanics is used in engineering exercise. The book opens up with a fundamental chapter on vectors and also tensors. The complying with chapters are based upon nonlinear continuum mechanics - an inevitable prerequisite for computational mechanicians. In addition, continuum area theory (used to a representative sample of hyperelastic materials presently provided in nonlinear computations such as incompressible and compressible materials) is presented, as are transversely isotropic products, compowebsite materials, viscoelastic products and also hyperelastic products with isotropic damage. Anvarious other main chapter is devoted to the thermodynamics of materials, covering both finite thermoelasticity and finite thermoviscoelasticity. Also included are: * an up-to-date list of practically 300 references and a comprehensive index * helpful examples and exercises for the student * selected topics of statistical and also continuum thermodynamics. In addition, the principle of digital work (in both the product and also spatial descriptions) is compared through two and also three-area variational ethics especially designed to capture kinematic constraints such as incompressibility. All of the functions unified result in a vital message for final year undergraduates, postgraduates and also researchers in mechanical, civil and also aerospace engineering and also used maths and also physics.

Gerdifficult A. Holzapfel is the writer of Nonstraight Solid Mechanics: A Continuum Approach for Engineering, publimelted by

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Review to Vectors and also Tensors. Kinematics. The Concept of Stress. Balance Principles. Some Aspects of Objectivity. Hyperelastic Materials. Thermodynamics of Materials. Variational Principles. References. Index.
"…this book is really outstanding bereason it fills a gap in the scientific literature…" (Meccanica, No.37 2002)
Provides many examples and exercises. Comprehensive, modern-day strategy directed in the direction of computational mechanics.