New Jersey Institute Of Technology Chemical Engineering


How Much Student Debt Do Chem Eng Graduates from NJIT Have?

Student Debt of Chem Eng Graduates with a Bachelor"s Degree

While acquiring their bachelor"s level at NJIT, chem eng students borrow a median amount of $24,843 in student loans. This is greater than the the typical median of $23,500 for all chem eng majors across the nation.

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The typical student loan payment of a bachelor"s level student from the chem eng routine at NJIT is $258 per month.

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NJIT Chem Eng Students

Take a look at the complying with statistics regarded the make-up of the chem eng majors at New Jersey Institute of Technology.

The adhering to table and also chart show the ethnic background for students that recently graduated from New Jersey Institute of Technology via a bachelor"s in chem eng.

Ethnic BackgroundNumber of StudentsAsian12Babsence or Afrihave the right to American7Hispanic or Latino19White32Non-Resident Aliens7Other Races15