Multiple choice & free-response questions in preparation for the ap calculus tenth edition answers

Your institution controls which tools are available in the Original Course View. Tests are constantly accessible to instructors in the Ultra Course View, but anonymously submitted surveys aren"t supported at this time.

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Multiple Choice/Multiple Answer questions

With Multiple Choice questions, students pick one or more correct answers from a number of selections. Students aren"t told if they should select one or multiple answers.

You can only randomize answers for Matching and Multiple Choice questions. If you want to randomize answers for True/False questions, usage the Multiple Choice question kind through True and also False answer selections.


Multiple Choice and also Multiple Answer concerns are graded immediately. If you incorporate multiple correct answers for a question, you have the right to pick to offer partial or negative credit.

Create a Multiple Choice/Multiple Answer question

When you develop a new test, select the plus authorize to open the food selection. In an existing test, pick the plus authorize wherever before you desire to include a question. Select Add Multiple Choice question.

You"ll usage the very same process when you create concerns in tests and assignments.


The Test Content location opens wright here you produce the question and answers. Questions have a default value of 10 points. Select the Points box to kind a new worth.

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New Multiple Choice inquiries do not have actually a default correct answer. You can"t save unmuch less you pick at least one correct answer and add text for all your answers.

To aid save your test content organized, you deserve to add papers within individual questions. Make a choice from the editor"s Insert Content menu, such as Insert from Cloud Storage. To edit the files you added, enter modify mode for the question.

More on including message and also files

More on cloud storage

More on editing and enhancing tests and also questions


Next off to the 4 default answer boxes, you deserve to delete answer boxes you do not require. If you want more than 4 answer boxes, select Add Choice. You have the right to add as many type of answer boxes as you need. Select the Move symbol to move an answer. Select the trash have the right to symbol to delete an answer.

Each Multiple Choice question must have actually at leastern two answer choices and one or more correct answers. Delete any type of empty areas to allow the Save alternative. You can select exactly how to score concerns that have multiple answers.

You deserve to usage the alternatives in the editor to format the message.

To usage your key-board to jump to the editor toolbar, press ALT + F10. On a Mac, push Fn + ALT + F10. Use the arrowhead secrets to choose an option, such as a numbered list.

Align concerns to goals

You deserve to align purposes through individual assessment questions to assist your college measure achievement. After you make the assessment obtainable, students deserve to see indevelopment for the goals you align with inquiries so they know your expectations.