Hello! I've been playing on the FTB Infinity fill, and have been trying to number out how just how to develop a space and power efficent means to stack lots of thermoelectrical generators.

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List of combicountries and also power output

I'm currently making use of blutonium and also packed ice to acquire 60 rf/t out of each generator (2x30rf/t), and also was wondering if anyone has a stacked set up that is efficent?

Do note you have the right to area blocks above and also listed below the generator to geneprice power as well. I'm looking for 2 kinds of setups, one that uses tesseracts (enables for more compact) and also one that uses cables

I'll write-up pics when i number out somepoint, and also i'd love to watch if anyone has actually figured out some compact and also nice designs!

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Pretty a lot you are at the best style you have the right to get without risking being collection on fire as a result of unspanned Pyrotheum. Tright here is a stacked style that was on right here a while ago and while it looked nice it made fifty percent the power the floor style does (I'm uncertain if the numbers on the wiki are correct).

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Can you offer a cross area of among those? I don't really understand the design from the album

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Wow! That is an excellent looking reactor design! And yeah i'm greatly using the reduced efficency blocks because it's less complicated for trial and error functions. Maybe it's worth sacrificing efficency for aesthetics...

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Thanks for stating that you stack the blocks vertically. I didn't even attempt it because of the generator texture arguing otherwise. Sure helps

I take into consideration the effectiveness to be ratio of generators to blutonium blocks because for me blutonium is the scarcest resoure here. Void effectiveness goes hand in hand.

I usage packed ice and also blutonium. You have the right to have actually some marginal obtain for utilizing cryotheum or perhaps have it cheaper via pyrotheum and/or water however I don't think the hassle of managing liquids is worth it.

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This is ideal architecture I have the right to think of: Shots The cables are to thick so I couldn't get a swarm of inside but there's simply a cable going via the channel.

It have the right to be extended in any direction but vertical is best unless you're making a really huge setup bereason if you want to extrend it horizontally you have to either go from 5x5 right to 9x9 or diagonally not to shed effectiveness and also going vertical is even more efficient and also much much much easier to carry out best. If extfinished horizontally you have the right to have cables eincredibly various other channel. Any reasonable extension boosts the efficiency.

Only point tesseracts have the right to carry out for this desing is alleviate the cabling on the exterior.

EDIT: If extfinished horizontally you can squeeze in a few more generators into eexceptionally other channel making use of tesseracts. Really worth it just if you think tesseracts are cheaper than blutonium.