Midwest Mechanical Kansas City

As a family members through many type of members, we have each other’s backs.

Spread from coastline to coast, we’re all around expanding our specialization, supporting each various other with our varied offerings and capabilities. Due to the fact that as soon as one of us succeeds, we all succeed — and we have the right to just be at our best when we occupational together. General contractor, mechanical contractor, service, and also structure automation … that’s one effective construction household.

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Made up of 5 brands via workplaces across the country, MMC Corp is a 100 percent employee-owned agency dedicated to the success of our partners and also teammates.

Fifteen offices.

Located in 15 workplaces from California to New Jersey, our field of expertise spans many regions and markets, equipping us to serve clients throughout the entire construction process.

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One family.

Though spreview out at workplaces and also task sites nationwide, one point stays — we are a household, a unified team that is much better as a whole than individually. At the core, we are building contractors, we are teammates — and also we are all in it together.


MW Builders

MW Builders is a nationwide basic contractor through specialization that spans today’s fastest-flourishing building sectors, consisting of commercial, corporate, hospitality, multihousehold, student housing, and blended use/retail. The "MW" means the company"s long-standing history established on Midwestern values; while "Builders" mirrors the essence of being craftsmen: people who construct high-high quality structures, solid partnerships, and also the best groups. MW Builders has present places in Austin, Dallas, Kansas City, and also Midland also.

MMC Contractors

MMC Contractors is a nationwide mechanical contractor specializing inbuildinghuge, complex projects. With a substantial providing of prebuilding and construction and also building and construction services, MMC Contractors functions in varied sectors including healthtreatment, energy, mission instrumental, pharmaceutical, industrial, and commercial. MMC Contractors is presently ranked nationally as a optimal mechanical contractor and also has locations in Des Moines, Iowa; Kansas City, Missouri; Las Vegas, Nevada; Gallatin, TN; and also Omaha, Nebraska.

Countywide Mechanical Equipment

Based in San Diego, Countywide Mechanical Solution is dedicated to providing the greatest level of company to its clients. The firm specializes in building, preconstruction, and also organization of commercial HVACR and plumbing jobs for their valued clients in healthtreatment, high-increase, federal government, and even more. Countywide Mechanical freshly increased to Sacramento.

Building Control Services

Based in Reno, Nevada, Building Control Services (BCS) specializes in the installation, retrofit, start-up, maintenance, organization, and also analysis of commercial and commercial HVAC mechanical and also manage devices. Drawing on extensive suffer in mechanical and also building automation systems, BCS excels at optimizing complete mechanism usability and also energy performance. Their wide range of clients has municipalities, resorts, data centers, education, and also even more.