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I downloaded the templates of the ladder mechanism and printed them out. I verified that the theme lengths were correct. When I put the templates on the layout, I gain track spacing of 1 &13/16ths not the recommfinished spacing.

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For those who have installed the device, what have I missed or done wrong?


What is the recommfinished spacing? I'd look at the current RMC article for a hint, but the copy I bought was defective, absent 12 peras and also duplicating another 12 rather. (I've had the majority of poor luck via their magazine.)


A quarter inch? that's considerable. 1 13/16 is the indistinguishable of an early 20th century 13' protoform spacing, so it can have been designed to that, however then I'd be surprised if they shelp 2 1/16". One of the reasons I wanted to review the article was to watch just what the design referenced. Sorry I can't aid, but I'll be curious to check out what others say.

Good Luck!


Blair, I have had great luck with gaining things resolved with RMC. In enhancement to this magazine I subscribe to that one too. This one is a far better value though. I would imply a speak to to the customer company folks and also they have to be able to deal with you up. I think the number I referred to as was 877-787-2467 and tright here are a number of other contact numbers in the magazine to the left of the table of contents.

I additionally think that the spacing can be adjusted basic enough by either selective trimming or adding some additional track. The extra spacing can be required if you are structure a yard that curves as the 2 and also 1/1sixth according to the NMRA would not be sufficient clearance for curves via several tools.

Rob in Texas

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 "I proved that the

"I verified that the design template lengths were correct. When I inserted the templates on the layout, I gain track spacing of 1 &13/16ths not the recommfinished spacing."

Maybe it's a printer issue? I'd just shoot for 2 inches track spacing when I mounted the turnouts and also not concern around a document design template.....DaveB


Switch spacing

Rob, I took the RMC stuff off-forum to you.

As for the switches, I think the advantages of the ME device conveniently deteriorate if you can't use them as they're intended to affix, if I understand also what I've watched. If I've obtained to insert lengths to obtain to a usable spacing, I can use just around any type of switch. The designed taracquire of 2 1/16 would certainly be rather usable in many arrangements, though I agree any kind of additional curves or other customisation could force wider spacing.

Blair I sent out you a reply.

Blair I sent you a reply.

Rob in Texas

prep for an operating session•Delving right into the past•The club blog



Altering turnouts spacing

I'm not certain you deserve to carry out very a lot altering. Except for the #5a which is NOT component of the ladder mechanism, the turnouts have short leads and also in the instance of the #5d and #5e the lead likewise has a short area for the prior turnout in the device. Also the ladder mechanism turnouts have actually curves in the diverging tracks.

The track spacing of 2 1/16" is based upon an old NMRA standard that is no longer present. The traditional is currently a recommfinished exercise and has 3 track spacings based on time period. RP7.2 is the number (note the RP labels are a small misleading, RP7.2 is dubbed Curved Track Centers but as the tangent spacings. RP7.1 called Tangent Track Centers doesn't actually have them, but does define them) As presented in RP7.2 for HO they are 1 21/32, 1 25/32, or 1 15/16 inches based on time period.

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This is really disheartening...

Ken requested a solution from "those who have actually mounted the mechanism..." How many type of of you that have actually responded have actually mounted the ME device on their layout? Apparently no one. Let's discard the speculation and also review actual endure.

I constructed a tiny yared making use of the ME yard laddert turnouts. Track spacing betrween the leads is 2 1/16 inches. I mounted the yard over a year prior to the RMC short article was publimelted.

I can't define why Ken is acquiring that 1 13/16 measurement.It might be a printer concern, or Ken may have actually (which I doubt) made an error in the sequence of the turnouts.

Crusader Rail Services has actually a good summary of all the ME Ladder System turnouts at https://www.crusaderrail.com/pubs/mec_crs_ladder_handout.pdf . Please3 check out through that summary Ken and also let us know if that provides any kind of more sense.


Actual installation is irrelevant

have actually set up the ME system

The problem right here isn't actually installing and also using the ME device.

The problem is utilizing the templates.

While I haven't supplied the ME templates for complete size planning, I have offered turnout templates for planning. In my experience it's difficult to effectively line up the turnout templates to achieve accurate placement of ladder tracks to the accuracy preferred (here 2 1/16").

I have better results placing the yard tracks to the correct spacing (in this instance 2 1/16") and also then placing the turnout templates to line up via that spacing.

And actually placing the turnouts and ladder tracks themselves is the the majority of specific. Of course that requires buying them before discovering if they will certainly actually work out for you.


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