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Below are simple directions from the Salt Lake Airport to the School of Computing at the University of, and also some information on regional hotels. The College of Engineering likewise maintains directions, consisting of a map, to Merrill Engineering Building, where we are located.

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Directions from the Salt Lake Airport to the School of Computing

Exiting the airport, follow the signs for I-80 East in the direction of the city. Immediately after leaving the airport on I-80, take the North Temple Street exit off I-80, and go right on it. You will be headed eastern, in the direction of the hills and also the downtown location.

Stay on North Temple Street into the city, until you involved State Street (which is the very same as 100East Street). Tbelow will be a high-increase office structure on the edge to your appropriate as soon as you reach State Street. Turn ideal onto State Street, and go 2 blocks to 100South Street. Turn left onto 100South Street. You should aacquire be headed east, towards the mountains.

Stay on 100South Street, heading eastern, through town and also past the sheight lights at 1300East Street, then College Street, then Wolcott Street. After Wolcott Street, the road takes a 90degree curve to the left, then one more 90degree curve earlier to the ideal. After this curve back in the direction of the right, our building --- the Merrill Engineering Building --- will be the first building on the ideal, a low babsence glass box collection earlier off the street. Enter the north parking lot, and also park at one of the meters surrounding to the building.

The School of Computing Office is in the near appropriate (northwest) corner, 3rd floor, Room3190. Go to the office and also they will call among our job staff that have the right to acquire you a parking pass and also escort you to our office area in 3490 MEB, in the northeast edge of the 3rd floor.


Merrill Engineering Building (MEB) is the blue rectangle over.The large white location over it is your parking lot.

School of Computing Key Office: +1 (801) 581-8224 Eric Eide"s Office: +1 (801) 585-5512 Mike Hibler"s Office: +1 (801) 581-4593

Indevelopment on Salt Lake Hotels

Three suggestions follow. Two are alwaei.comhed to the U but a 5-10 minutedrive from commercial eating, drinking, and entertainmentfacilities downtown (yes, we have actually all of those). The 3rd is alittle downtown hotel. Downtown likewise holds many big, goodhigh quality hotels that you deserve to uncover in your normal Web means.

College Guest House

The College Guest House is located on the University of campus, in the Chapel Glen location of the previous Ft Douglas. This is a scenic and also quiet location, currently maintained as a historical site by the College. The Guest Housage has a competent yet basic feel, and is very inexpensive. It features 134rooms equipped via refrigerators, microwaves, coffee machines, voice mail, Ethernet accessibility, cable TV, and day-to-day housekeeping. A cost-free continental style breakfast is offered everyday in the lobby.

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Since the Guest House is located on the University grounds, one can conveniently walk to all over on campus, or take a trip on the University campus shuttle. It"s more than likely at leastern a lengthy 15 minute walk from the Guest Housage to our structure, MEB. Tbelow are zero commercial establishments everywhere near it. It is close to some nice strolling in the old component of Ft. Douglas, and also one could walk appropriate up into the foothills.

Marriott University Park

The significant hotel closest to the College is the Marriott College Park. It is a nice hotel and also has federal government room prices, yet is remote from downtvery own Salt Lake City. However, downtvery own is just a 5-10 minute drive amethod. In great weather the hotel is within walking distance to the University, although the course is rather awkward or unpleasant for walking. It would certainly likely take only about 5minutes to drive from the hotel to everywhere on campus.

Except for the restaurant and also bar in the hotel, there are no commercial establishments everywhere near it. It may be even closer to the foothills than the Guest House, and also Red Butte Arboretum is alwaei.comhed by.

If you follow the directions from the Salt Lake Airport to the School of Computing, you can conveniently proceed on to the Marriott University Park hotel. Here are the added directions:

When you are heading eastern (towards the mountain) up 100South Street, wbelow you would certainly normally rotate best into the Merrill Engineering Building parking lot, don"t turn, but quite store driving east till you pertained to the next ideal, which is Mario Capecchi Dr. (formerly Wasatch Blvd., and still is on Google Maps). (Tright here is no light at Mario Capecchi Dr.) Turn best onto Mario Capecchi Dr. Now you must be heading south, through the hills on your left. Stay on Mario Capecchi Dr., and you will certainly go via 2 soptimal lights. At the third soptimal light you involved, you will certainly be at Foothill Blvd., and also you will certainly need to revolve either right or left. Turn left. At the very next light, which is Wakara Way, turn left again. You are now headed east towards the hills again, on Wakara Way. The Marriott University Park is on the left side of the street, and also should be the first structure you come to.

Peery Hotel

In downtvery own Salt Lake there is the Peery Hotel. The Peery has 77 rooms via five various room layouts varying from your standard single to executive suites. The Peery additionally has a federal government rate. The hotel offers restaurants, a Jacuzzi, totally free airport transportation, and also a continental breakquick. Because the Peery is downtvery own, it is within easy walking distance of many restaurants and also clubs --- for example, less than one block away are Baci"s (Italian), Cafe Pierpont (Mexican), and also Squatter"s (brewpub). Tbelow are many kind of more surrounding. The Peery Hotel is likewise close to the Delta Center (NBA basketround, etc.), the Salt Palace, the Capitol Theatre (ballet, Broadmeans shows, opera), movie complexes, and also downtown shopping. Don"t mean NYC, though ....yet I"m sure you didn"t.

Public Transportation

UTA Trax

Salt Lake"s small light rail system, Trax has service from downtvery own to the University of campus. The two lines run down 400South Street and along Key Street (which is the baseline for the East/West street numbers). This puts it close to the Peery Hotel, defined above, and various other downtvery own hotels such as the Little America and Grand America.

Tickets are for sale from vending devices at all Trax stops for $1.25, and also trains run about eexceptionally 15 minutes. The closest stop to our structure is the Stadium speak on the College line. If you get on the North/South (Sandy) line, you"ll have to adjust trains at Gallivan Plaza (at 250South Main Street). The Rice-Eccles Stadium stop is on the south side of campus. You can then take the campus shuttle to the Merril Engineering Building (MEB) - the Red and also Yellow courses are the the majority of straight. Or, you deserve to ssuggest walk (map); the walk takes about 20 minutes. Follow University Street (1350East) north (the direction in which the Trax train pulls right into the station) to 100South Street. Take a best up the hill, and also follow 100South around the 90 level curve. Our building is the large babsence one collection earlier from the best side of the street simply after the curve.

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