Mechanical wheel piece terraria

This thcheck out is to imply new uses for the treasure bag drops from the mechanical bosses. Obviously, all these items are professional mode only. As always, sprites and also feedback are appreciated considerably. Now onto it!Robot Rollerskates- equipable- rarity

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- market 5 gold- "Allows skating and also super fast running"- crafted with: Mechanical wheel item, lightning boots, 5 iron, and also 20 wiresWhat this accessory does is allow you to move without friction, similarly to frozen slime blocks. It also permits running and also flying, like lightning boots. In order to enter frictionmuch less skating, press up at any kind of time. Press up aobtain to cancel it.Laser Cannon
- placeable- rarity

- offer 5 gold- "Eat warm laser!"- crafted with: Mechanical battery item, cannon, 10 iron, 1 lens, and 20 wiresThis item functions similarly to the cannon in it"s placing and aiming, however consumes one "laser charge" per shot. You have the right to make twenty laser charges with 20 wire and also a crystal sdifficult. The projectile it fires is a big red laser. The laser would certainly deal 100 damage and also might be fired much faster than the cannon. The laser would not be affected by gravity and can pierce boundless opponents. Additionaly, the laser could be held down, dealing 100 damages a second. While held dvery own, it would certainly consume one laser charge each second.HoverChest
- consumable- rarity

- sell 5 gold- "Picks up drops for you"- crafted with: Mechanical wagon item, chest, 10 iron, and also 20 wiresThis item is throwable, favor the beach sphere. When thrown, it will certainly go straight forward until it hits the edge of the display screen, and then comes earlier to you. It can pass through blocks. What it does is pick up any loot, including hearts and also mana stars, in a 10 block radius. When it gets ago to you, you get all the loot it picked up. You likewise acquire the HoverChest back. Additionally, while in flight, it has actually a 5 block repulsion forcearea.

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I choose the principle of brand-new provides, but around the Cart Piece? And as for the Cannon, seems a little overpowered, if it consumes nothing. Perhaps it could consume mana?
I favor the concept of new supplies, however around the Cart Piece?And as for the Cannon, seems a little bit overpowered, if it consumes nopoint. Perhaps it could consume mana?^
Maybe a pet that has a couple of inventory slot (like 5) and also you deserve to keep your many necessary valuables in it?
I"m pretty sure that everyone has assumed about this yet exactly how around rather of giving added drops to the mechanical bosses you have the right to rather craft the pieces from their bags into added items, not simply the mine cart. So in essence wright here the cart take one of each you might require several pieces to make various other items, such similar to the ones over.Honestly I"d be psyched if we could craft miniature versions of the Destroyer and Prime to match our Twins summon! People already argued in the past that if tright here were summons of those that Prime would obtain arms per multiple summons of it and also the Destroy gaining more segments.
I prefer this principle not just because I"m prejudice yet likewise because one; more late game summons appears excellent seeing as we just have two (following kind that count towards max cap) and also yes I"m aware many summoners just spam their favourite however even more choices are good, not poor and two; those are summons many human being in the previous have actually been asking for. Those items above seem alappropriate however need even more added coding than sindicate adding 2 summoning staffs and also pasting exiting AI via perhaps a tiny tweaking.I"m conscious those are wheels and cart piece yet the explacountry behind it is you melt them dvery own, basic.