Mechanical Oil Pressure Gauge Vs Electric

With extremely low expectations and also even more than a small curiosity, I bought a kitschy 80s LED bar-graph multi-gauge for my Saab C900 task. It looks suitably period for the car, but (unsurprisingly) it doesn't occupational incredibly well. It's not remaining. But I do desire gauges, which will certainly be of a much more standard kind. I've currently put too much money right into an ostensibly cheap job, so expensive alternatives are out. A triple gauge set is very likely the method this is going. This leaves me through 2 fundamental collection of options: electrical gauges or mechanical ones.

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I've always offered electrical gauges because 1) they're simpler to erected, and 2) the principle of an line full of warm pressurized oil running into the cabin never appeacaused me. But I'm willing to be convinced otherwise. Is tright here are factor I need to offer up my avariation to mechanical gauges? Doing so would certainly absolutely open up up some options, as a lot of of the budget-priced gauge sets are mechanical.


I'm in the very same boat as you. I require gauges, and also don't prefer the believed of pressurized oil/water coming with the firewall. I would certainly choose all VDO electric but they're pricey!

Looking forward to analysis some responses here!


Mount mechanicals on the cowl muscle car style?


I had actually a mechanical oil press gauge in my old Fox body many years earlier. I supplied braided stainless line and never before had actually a trouble. The gauge (Autometer) came with a plastic line, however I didn't feel favor taking a bath in hot oil it it damaged.

In general, I prefer mechanical gauges bereason they are even more responsive. But they are absolutely more occupational.


Longacre has an rbc magazine through disongoing and also refurbimelted stuff on their webwebsite. I got a bunch of incredibly good stepper motor electrical gauges for cheap-ish.


I've thought about buying these many kind of times.

The huge Jegs logo design keeps me from pulling the create everytime.

I when had actually a plastic line feeding my mechanical oil push gage. When I started the car up for the initially time in a year after an engine reconstruct, the plastic line remained in contact through the header and my initial joy of the first begin was conveniently reput by are afraid as the engine bay became a bit even more flamey than I chosen. Turns out 45 psi of oil sprayed onto a header once the ignition timing is way retarded and the header is cherry red is not a good combo. Luckily, I had actually a extinguisher handy, acquired the engine off and also the fire out and other than the plastic gauge line had no damages at all. Cshed contact.

I still have actually the same gauge, but via a braided steel supply line routed away from warm points as finest as it can be.

Way, means earlier in the day, when I worked for a VDO W-D, a big advantage of mechanical gauges was the bigger sweep: like270 levels vs. 90 degrees.

David S. Wallens said:

Way, method earlier in the day, as soon as I worked for a VDO W-D, a large advantage of mechanical gauges was the broader sweep: like270 degrees vs. 90 levels.

I think that's the biggest advantage of mechanical, however electrical ones will certainly occupational as well. It's really an individual preference. I have mechanical oil press and water temp gauges in my 1961 Pontiac and also they've been fine, no concerns through the relationships. Many oil press gauges come via a small nylon tube, if you usage it make certain it's routed away from anything that could obtain it hot or rub on it.

One of my cars has a fuel pressure gauge through a hose running to it. It does make one somewhat uncomfortable thinking that gas leaks will certainly end up on one's lap.

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David S. Wallens said:

Way, way ago in the day, once I worked for a VDO W-D, a huge benefit of mechanical gauges was the broader sweep: like270 levels vs. 90 degrees.

Tbelow are plenty of electronic gauges via a 270 level move these days. IMHO,pressurized oil has actually no service behind the firewall.

That's doubly (or so more!) true of fuel pressure. Having a pressurized fuel line in the cabin is an actively safedanger.

Kreb said:

One of my cars has actually a fuel push gauge via a hose running to it. It does make one somewhat uncomfortable thinking that gas leaks will certainly finish up on one's lap.

Fuel pressure isolator! Get one.

I use mechanical gauges in my own cars. Have installed rather a few sets of electrical in customer cars (think muscle auto era) as accessories or included into a finish rewire. I favor the stand alone simplicity of mechanicals personally with their just prevalent bond the wiring for lighting.

Everybody likes pics so here's one of my Firebird through cheap Autogage (by Autometer) mechanicals bereason I wanted stock looking gauges to complement the stock speeexecute & tach. Lower Pic is exact same year Firebird dash I did for a Pro-Touring SEMA automobile. Custom carbon fiber panel with Autometer electric gauges.



All I'm saying is that I've acquired 3 Sunpro electric gauges (temp, oil pressure and also voltage)that have done my RX7 well for 11 years. I think I paid $20 for all 3 gauges. Would I trust that the numbers they give me are 100% accurate? No. But I know what the gauges read as soon as the auto is running ideal, and they carry out *something* when somepoint is wrong.

These aren't the ones I have, but they look pretty cool, retro and also cheap:

ETA: I have actually cheap mechanical gauges in the '66 Plymouth, and also they are fine also.

I went to some lengths to acquire a braided line made up for mechanical oil push in the 2002, only to discover that the oil pressure port I was making use of (distributor real estate, IIRC) had actually pulsed push from the camera rotation.

Hydraulic-hammered my nice VDO gauge right into Oblivion.

I still like mechanical gauges, however I additionally think there's a lot to be sassist for measuring right here and also displaying there when it's done well. There's been many headmeans in sending info over wires during the background of the motorcar.