Mechanical Low Pass Filter

I have actually been wondering if tright here are particular media (for instance glass, air, foam, etc.) which are peculiar offered their chemical complace and/or framework enabling them to filter out mechanical waves (examples include: sound, vibrations) of high or low frequencies. Do these exist? Could I please have some examples?

The less abstract example: I tend to alert the bass of the music booming over from the car alongside me as soon as I am stopped at a red light. I carry out not understand if this is due ssuggest to the amplitude of those low frequency components or whether tright here is mechanical filtering at play (suppushing the greater frequencies). This is the source of inspiration for asking my question.

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In an extra basic sense, the electric concepts of inductance, capacitance and also resistance are equivalent to mass, spring constant and also friction in the mechanical world. Voltage becomes force and also present becomes velocity.

For instance, the suspension in a automobile is a carefully-tuned low-pass filter that uses the mass of the structure and also body, the springs on the axles and the shock absorbers to "block" the high-frequency vibrations from the road from being coupcaused the passengers and also cargo inside.


Yes, for sound especially there is a term referred to as "acoustic impedance" that, simply prefer electrical impedance, is frequency dependent. Acoustic impedance results from the acoustic wave equation, which takes the exact same form as the electromagnetic wave equation.

So any type of solid has actually an acoustic impedance simply like eexceptionally conductor has actually an electric impedance. Acoustic wave transmission counts on angle of occurrence and the frequency content, through the product impedance attenuating particular frequencies. Ducts act prefer waveguides, you deserve to make acoustic resonators, and so on - tbelow are a ton of parallels because the underlying equations are almost similar.

As with electric impedance matching outcomes in maximum electric power transfer, acoustic impedance matching outcomes in maximum acoustic power carry. That"s what ultra sound jelly is supplied for - impedance matching in between the wand also and also skin.

This deserve to be offered in reverse - intentional impedance mismatching results in reflected waves and also extremely little bit acoustic power transmission. Tright here is actually a line of drywall designed to manipulate this to prevent/minimize the "noisy neighbor."