Mechanical Level 5 Xenoblade

Comparable to this question, but specifically concerning level 5 acquisition, how do you level up each field skill (Mechanical, Biology, Archaeology) to level 5? It is known that tbelow are just 10 BLADE levels, and you have the right to just reach level 4 in each area ability via BLADE leveling.

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When you reach field ability level 4 in any kind of ability, a mission referred to as "Off the Record" will show up at the BLADE mission terminal. There is one for each area skill. Each search has 3 riddles that you have to deal with.


"Soar deep into the skies and seek the forgained land"s ultimate peak" - You have to fly (requires completion of chapter 9/"A Girls Wings") to Mount Edge Peak - it"s the highest allude in Oblivia and it"s close to a handful of floating islands.

"After dawn o"er the land of white, a rare red adversary appears to smite" - You have to defeat a monster called Lyla"s Galdr, which only shows up in between 5:00-7:00 AM. Some will imply to go try to intercept this wright here it spawns, however it"s much simpler to kill it wbelow it lands, since it will certainly sit tright here for a period of time. First, go to FN 416. Near right here is where it spawns (in the middle of all the other monsters). It will certainly fly in and also land also in the middle. It does not generate all the time, and it is a tyrant, so you"ll alert if it"s correct. If you execute not view it generate, head to the adjacent time-transforming station (tbelow is one best nearby) and just collection the moment back to 5:00 AM and also attempt again.

"Etchings of the prehistoric beasts to find? Seek a stony shore in fired climes." - You should find collectibles called Savage Sketch. It appears in the regions about FN 514 and 515 - the east side of Cauldros.

After completing these 3 jobs, you will certainly discover an NCOMPUTER named Solan hanging out in the alleys of the residential district in the evening. Talk to him and you obtain an upgrade to Mech 5.

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"In the court of the forest gods, a brood of sentinels below execute flock" - Discover Sentinels Nest, eastern of the Divine Roost in Noctilum

"Across the table wbelow titans feast hides a pest you need to defeat" - You have to defeat Calore (a level 62 tyrant). You deserve to discover it northwest of Titans Table, hanging out in a pit of lava.

"If you seek a pure white shell, to the east does it now dwell" - You have to collect White Forfex Shells from forfex monsters in Oblithrough. There are some along the bottom coast and a couple of various other locations.

After completing this, head to Deliverance Park (residential district) in the at an early stage morning, and look for Solan on the outskirts of the park, across the street. He is not in the park, however he is nearby.


"Take this elevated corn to hand also, aoptimal the peaks of a delusional land" - You have to collect an item called Pale Maize. It spawns atop the delusian mountains in Sylvalum (both north and also south peaks). I had actually much better luck finding it in the time of the day, yet YMMV.

"Aheight the forest"s eternal cascade, a bitter baron awaits the blade" - You have to kill Acid Diloffers. They"re aoptimal Everwhelm Falls, on the west side, in Noctilum. A well-placed Phoenix deserve to kill the entirety group at as soon as.

"Above an early land also carry out hover, courting birds whose seal you covet" - You have to collect Auravis Courtship Feathers from Auravis monsters. The most basic way I discovered to execute this wregarding quick travel to the Leaning Ring in Oblithrough, kill the two Auravis monsters apeak the ring, then fast travel ago to the Leaning Ring, respawning them.

Next off, you need to uncover Solan in the Test Hangar at night time, talk to him, and obtain your upgrade.