Mechanical Engineering Internships Germany

Unique experiences, working on fascinating worldwide tasks, in the company of brilliant professionals. Experience our organization first hand also.

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We market students in the final year of an engineering or business researches degree in Germany kind of the chance to make the a lot of of our field of expertise and also suffer by transferring out their BA, MA or Diploma thesis with us.

And, if you’re looking to build your skills and also acquire valuable endure at a world-class organisation, our working students’ programmes are your chance to do just that. provides a selection of functioning student positions to use your theoretical knowledge to the job: you can find out more by experimenting the programme alternatives below.

We’re mainly interested in students of aeronautical design, mechanical engineering, electric design, commercial design and company studies, although we will take into consideration all applications. Explore the programme grids below and check out if you’ve gained what it takes.

To use for an internship, you’ll need to be a full-time student matriculated at a university, technological college or similar institutionWe run functioning student programmes throughout all features, from finance to project monitoring

Final Year Project: the possibility to make the most of our specialization and suffer by delivering out your BA, MA or...

Working Students Internship: the chance to construct abilities and also acquire useful suffer within a world-course...


Our global Power Systems organization, headquartered in Friedrichshafen, is a specialist in big engines, propulsion systems and also distributed energy systems

We offer miscellaneous technical and also business training programs for second school students, as well as dual courses of research at our places in Friedrichshafen, Augsburg, Ruhstorf, Glatten and also Magdeburg.

Whether it"s an internship, vocational training or dual course of research, we sell many avenues for beginning a career with good prospects for the future. A firm that wants to build and also create innovative assets needs well-trained employees.

That’s why at Power Systems we count on young civilization that share our joy in exploration and also would choose to flourish properly via us. You can find out even more about opportunities we have actually for additional school students by complying with the link below.

There’s even more to life through us than awe-inspiring engineering and cutting-edge commerciality and also we know you expect more than simply a competitive salary.

Since we suppose you to make a distinction, we know you mean to be rewarded by it. That’s why we market all our interns and also graduates a competitive salary and also in some instances, you can likewise look forward to a joining bonus.

We’re incredibly a lot a part of the areas we job-related in, and as a responsible service we make sure we give ago, from functioning in local colleges to donating to charity.

Over 1,200 STEM ambassadors offering up their time to inspire the following generation around the globeMillions of pounds committed to charitable initiatives every yearOur STEM education and learning programmes got to 1.6 million human being worldwide in 2015

Many type of of our sites have sports and also leicertain facilities and also a lively social scene. There’s always somepoint going on and also you’ll have actually the chance to take component from day one.

We passionately believe in ehigh quality. From the moment you apply to join you have the right to expect to be treated fairly and respecttotally whatever before your age, gender, race, religious beliefs or social background.


Wright here you’ll be based will depfinish on the programme you apply for. We run a number of sites across Germany, including our large design and also assembly site in Dahlewitz, our world-course Power Systems facility in Friedrichshafen and an global office in Berlin.

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You can carry out your training at any of these, so we’ll need you to be functional. Exactly what we carry out and the specialization we have actually in each location varies, however every one of our operations are joined by our people’s commitment to supply excellence. You can check out our locations throughout Germany type of on the map, and also you deserve to discover current avenues by place by heading to ‘search and also apply’.

There are 4 stperiods on your journey to joining us, yet before you start applying the following indevelopment is essential to a effective application.

Things to remember

We only accept one application per candiday, per recruitment cycle. If you apply to even more than one programme, you will instantly be disqualified, so make certain you provide this some thought!

Open to all

We believe everyone need to have the ability to be at their ideal. We are passionate around diversity and also celebrate the various means people think and execute points. We are committed to having actually a varied and inclusive functioning environment that’s a reflection of our customers and our global footprint.If you feel that you may require added support in the time of the recruitment process to allow you to perdevelop at your finest, call earlycareer.applications
and also we can talk about your requirements and will certainly perform all we deserve to to assist.

1. Application


Find your wanted programme in Search and Apply.

We"ll desire to understand all around you from your education and learning and also work endure, to your career ambitions and activities external of school and university. You"ll should pick alternatives from our drop-dvery own menus, however tright here are additionally plenty of area to tell us even more around yourself and your career aspirations. Once you have actually submitted your application, you’ll receive confirmation that we’ve received your application. Sometimes not all emails are compatible with our units so please examine your spam/junk folders to make certain you have actually got confirmation.

You have the right to additionally accessibility these emails through ‘My Applications’ on your profile.

If you are still having challenges, please contact earlycareer.applications

2. Online assessments

Online assessments

Next off, you’ll be sent a attach to complete 3 virtual assessments. You’ll have 10 days to complete these assessments and have the chance to practice beforehand.

Before you start the assessments, attempt out some sample concerns by visiting Online Assessment Practice page

You deserve to additionally read the HELP AND TIPS FOR ONLINE ASSESSMENTS where you have the right to find answers to some of the the majority of common concerns we receive.

Once you’ve passed the digital tests, your application will certainly be considered to be advanced to an assessment centre.

If your application is effective, we’ll invite you to an assessment centre. The day will include an inspiration assessment, a technological intercheck out, and also team exercise. You will additionally have actually a good chance to netoccupational with a variety of Rolls- Royce employees, so make the many of your time with us. Research and also preparation are crucial to your success.

We"ll let you recognize if you"ve been successful within two functioning days. Your personal advance is vital to us so regardmuch less of the outcome, you can ask for feedearlier on how you did.

Congratulations, we have actually offered you a role! You"ll obtain a formal market by means of email along with all the various other appropriate information you require. We’ll put you in touch with your future manager, career coach, and also peers as shortly as we are able to.

Once you accept a function, we’ll make joining us as straightforward as possible. You"ll be put in touch through the right people straight ameans and also be invited to a regional induction so you can accomplish your colleagues, learn about the programme and acquire excited around producing your career via us.

You deserve to additionally check out HELP AND TIPS FOR ONLINE ASSESSMENTS to help you perdevelop at your finest and also uncover answers to some of the many common queries we get about our assessments. pioneers cutting-edge modern technologies that provide clean, safe and also competitive solutions to satisfy our planet’s important power requirements.